A Sensual Evening in the Kitchen ~ Cooking Together

I was talking with a friend of mine a few days ago and we touched upon the subject of men and women cooking together in the kitchen.  I have always seen the act of preparing a meal together as a very sensual experience, if the mood is set just right.  It definitely set my mind bubbling and it occurred to me, it’s time for a date night in the kitchen.

There are a few guidelines that I generally follow. The first, is not choose anything that is difficult to cook.  A salad and a simple pasta are dishes that two can create together with ease.  If you have chosen a dessert to eat after your meal, I would advise to prepare it earlier that day.

Another consideration if you have them, are little ones.   No matter how much you love your children, now is the time to have them spend the night with grandparents, a friend, aunties, anyplace that isn’t with the two of you.

Nix the outside influences.  Turn off the news, DVR the programs you do not wish to miss,  turn on music, light a candle and perhaps pour a cocktail or glass of wine. Make the evening all about you and your partner.

Wear something provocative.  The whole point of the evening is for you and your partner to entice each other so dress for him/her, whether it’s a low cut top, lingerie or perhaps only an apron.

Touch each other.  A stimulating touch on the hand, an erotic kiss on the back of the neck and tempting each other with small tastes of the foods you are preparing, helps to heighten the senses for the evening ahead.  Your time in the kitchen together is part of your foreplay.

Leave the mess.  When you are finished with your meal, turn off the kitchen light and walk out.   The dishes will wait.

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