A gorgeous front porch for Autumn

I went out walking along the river and was delighted to see the bright orange leaves dancing through the air to land on the path in front of me.  As my feet crunched through the drying leaves, I felt a familiar chill run through me.  Autumn is just around the corner.

The air has a tinge of mist in the mornings and the it cools quicker in the evenings.  The sun still graces us with its warm rays during the heat of the afternoon and shopping malls and local shop keepers are stocking up on the back to school supplies.  This is the time of year the berry fields are full of people reaping the seasons bounty and kitchens are filled with the aromas of jam cooking and fruit being prepared for canning.

Photo Credit Blisstree.com

The explosion of color is one of the best things about this time of year and it is an encouraging start for planning the fall decorating.  After all, making your own scarecrow to grace the hay bale on the front porch can take some time.  Choosing the right color of mums, coordinating containers and placing them in the perfect location with your other Autumn decorating treasures can be pretty detailed task and if you are a wild decorator like me, then drawing it up in advance is an absolute necessity.

I have a fascination with black outdoor rockers.  I don’t feel the vignette for fall is complete until it is placed on the porch with the autumn hued mums.  Add the hay bale, get the family together and create a brand new scarecrow for the year.  I found a great site, Blisstree.com with a gorgeous scarecrow that I am sharing with you. I adore the look of this guy and we are going to try to keep the basic feel,  while we blend our creativity together, give him tweak and twist and make him all our own.  With three children 16, 11 and 10 there is no telling what the final outcome will be.

Choosing the color of mums to accompany your new brilliant scarecrow is always the exhilarating portion.  Mother Nature provides us with such a clever and colorful palette this time of year, it’s time to think about removing brights and pastels to replace them with the gorgeous deeper hues such as browns, oranges, reds, yellows and greens.  Color coordinate the clothing of your scarecrow with the mums and their pots, position the rocker, throw the hay bale out (perhaps two) close to the rocker, place your new exquisite scarecrow in your rocker, standing behind or sitting on the hay, place your mums strategically on and around your porch and perhaps put out some fun and inspiring fall items.  With that in place, phase I for Outdoor Fall Decorating is complete.  What is Phase II?  Why, Halloween of course.

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