Barry ‘CB’ Martin presents; America Grills!

America GrillsAmerica Grills! is for everyone who loves cooking and eating outdoors, from the beginner to the seasoned barbecue enthusiast. This stunning book was developed for Char-Broil, one of North America’s leading grill manufacturers, with primary recipes, cooking guidelines and tips sections by Barry CB Martin. America Grills! was edited by Lisa Kahn and published by Creative Homeowner. America Grills! will help you grill, barbecue, and cook appetizers, main courses, salads, vegetables and desserts that will have family and friends licking their fingers. More than 250 large color photographs illustrating the 225 recipes.

Barry Martin
Barry Martin

Barry ‘CB’ Martin has been described as a “curious-about-food” writer, TV Chef and Personable Motivational Speaker.  Whether you are hesitant or just inexperienced in the kitchen or outdoors on the grill, Barry will help you gain confidence in your skills to successfully cook tasty meals for your family and friends.  For more than 10 years, Barry has written about and demonstrated the basic techniques and methods of outdoor cooking to literally millions of people in numerous national television appearances and local cooking demonstrations.  In 2013 Barry is expanding his “menu” to include basic cooking skills that novice cooks can use indoors and outdoors.  Two online initiatives are underway to support this mission:  “Welcome to the Cookout!” and “Our Community Table”.    Both due to launch in April.

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