Let’s Get Outdoors; Grab n Go Picnic Desserts

Fresh air is calling and ideas have been bubbling and brewing in our heads as we search for the best “grab and go” desserts for your picnic.

Canadian House & Home has a fabulous layered apple dessert that I absolutely adore. The ingredients list is basic and the flavors combine very well.

Apple & Maple Verrine
Apple & Maple Verrine

Ricardo Larrivee’s Apple & Maple Verrine ~ There is a separate recipe for each delicious layer listed here.  

  • Maple Jelly
  • Maple Glazed Apples
  • Crisp
  • Whipped Cream

Head over to Canadian House & Home, browse, poke around a bit and print out this tasty gem.  Full recipe here

Layers of Love Chocolate Brownies
Layers of Love Chocolate Brownies

The next recipe calls my name for sheer volume of chocolate that’s involved.  These will cut, pack and snack well in the great outdoors.

Layers of Love Chocolate Brownies by Very Best Baking is a recipe that was shared by a contestant in 2000, in the Very Best Recipe contest.  The ingredients list includes;  cocoa, white chocolate morsels, semi-sweet chocolate morsels, pecans and caramel.  Follow the link to the full recipe here.

Nature's Menu
Nature’s Menu

Nature’s Fresh & Sweet Bounty

When it comes to the outdoors and “stash and carry” items for munching, sometimes pure simplicity is the only answer.  Grapes, strawberries, cherries, apples, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries or cubes of melon.  When you turn to nature for your menu, the possibilities are quick, nutritional and endless.

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