Simple Summer Pairings; Pairing the Right Wine with Warm Weather Favorites

The irony of sitting down and writing this article is that my heater is on in my house and it is pouring rain. It is time to get a little imaginative. Let’s pretend it is 80 degrees, you have been playing on your boat all day, returned home and it is time to sit out on the deck with a few summer favorites.

Pouilly Fume

Pouilly Fume

Let’s begin with a nice salad, Grilled kale salad with ricotta and plums. Keep in mind that kale is a little bitter and now we have put a char on it. What to pair? The Quintessence Pouilly Fume. This is a 100% Sauvignon Blanc wine from producer Pierre Chainier, this French beauty would be a great choice to pair. A wine with bright acidity and a clean, crisp taste. It has aromas of flowers, a hint of smokiness and a creamy texture. A great way to start your summer meal.

A Lisa

A Lisa

Now we are moving on in the meal to the steak on the grill. If you are going carnivore for the evening, look for a wine that is bold and will hold up to the slab of cow you are getting ready to enjoy. How about the Bodega Noemia “A Lisa” Malbec from Argentina. This is produced south of Buenos Aires. If you are looking for balance, boldness and a simply delicious Malbec, look no further. Give this time ample time to open up but when it does, you will be glad you did.

New Age

New Age

At this point, you should be in a food coma and possibly unable to move, but wanting one last thing to finish off the evening….I know, you are thinking, I can’t eat another bite but, something light would be nice.   Drink a bit of water to help the palate recover from the red meat and Malbec and pour a white wine from New Age, another wine from Argentina. This light refreshing wine is made from Torrontes grapes and it is really great just by itself. Fill a glass with ice, yes ice. Pour the wine and add a slice of lime. It is a cool, refreshing and light way to end the meal on a warm summers evening. This wine is low in alcohol and really is dessert by itself.

These are obviously three very distinct wines but, a great way to explore flavors and pairings.

Until Next Time,


If you are going carnivore for the evening, look for a wine that is bold and will hold up to the slab of cow you are getting ready to enjoy   or find me on Facebook at Wine Tasting Washington

Author:  Jack Chase

Edited by:  Karie Engels


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