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Peachy Summer Beers by Ginger Johnson

Photo:  Ginger JohnsonLast week My Fine Husband and I went to a local peach orchard and picked four buckets of peaches. In case you’re wondering how many peaches that is, it equates to just shy of 100 pounds of gorgeous chin dripping fresh ripe peaches. Mmmmmm….

We picked, bought, and schlepped them home wherein we left them a few hours to await processing that evening. By 7 pm we were literally hot and heavy into the canning of the first two buckets of peaches. Having first canned peaches when I lived in Central Iowa a few years back, it was a wonderful project to revisit.

Photo:  Ginger JohnsonBlanching the fruit to let the skin slide off, de-stoning them, placing them in prepared sterilized jars, filling with super light syrup (so sweet already!) and then final hot water bathing the full jars.

To say the end result is beautiful and tasty is an understatement. And so simple! Canning and processing fruit is a super simple and highly gratifying and nutritious way to stock your own shelves. I’ve had friends over the years ask me to teach them – and I’ve gladly done so!

How does beer fit here? Well, a refreshing beer to sip on and stay hydrated with is an integral part of processing and canning to me. A low alcohol beer is key here and there are tuns of flavorful options. A few styles I go to include Kolsch, Pilsner and Pale Ales.

Photo:  Ginger JohnsonThere will also be a variety of Peach infused and inspired beers. Look for New Belgium Brewing’s Peach Porch Lounger (delicious with fruit and seafood salads!) and Dogfish Head’s Festina Peche (yummy with slow cooked barbeque ribs and cobbler).

Whatever you can, whatever you sip, matching beer and food together makes a great marriage of flavors.

Till the next glass –


Try This: Serving the aforementioned beers with a fresh fruit cobbler, fruit compote as well as ice cream drizzled with crushed fresh stewed peaches is uber scrumptious.

Go Here: To your local orchards to smell, pick and eat the fruits of their labors and yours. Then head to your local brewery to enjoy their fresh brewings.

If you have questions about the beer industry, food pairings, speaking engagements and events, you can find Ginger at or

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  1. Mmmmm…. Festina Peche! Terrapin Maggie’s Peach Farmhouse Ale is pretty darn good too.

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