Reel it in and serve it up; delicious salmon recipes

Fishermen and women have been lining the banks of local rivers pulling in some fabulous looking salmon this late summer season.  With so many recipes and prep methods for this tasty delight, we thought we would share a few of our favorites with you.

Smoked Salmon Crisps

Smoked Salmon Crisps

Smoked Salmon Crisps contributed by Thomas Keller to Food and Wine.  A gorgeous appetizer with simple and delicious flavors that work so well together, each bite is divine.  Food and Wine is one of my go to publications for cuisine and ideas full of flavor.  If you don’t have time to run to the market to pick up the latest issue or if you really do not appreciate the clutter that subscriptions to several magazines can create, consider utilizing your smartphone, tablet or computer to organize your food magazines.   You can purchase by the issue or on an annual basis and they are user friendly and incredibly interactive.  Now back to our regularly scheduled program, the appetizer.

If you love to entertain but simply feel you do not have the time to prepare a dish that has excellent presentation and flavor, you will adore this recipe. This is one of those delightful creations where a portion of it can be prepared up to two days ahead.  The ingredients list is very basic, so more than likely you can head to your local market for the items.  Ingredients list:  all purpose flour, sugar, egg white, butter, black sesame seeds, smoked salmon, shallot, chives, lemon zest, white pepper and crème fraîche.  Full recipe and method

Smoked Salmon Benedict

Smoked Salmon Benedict

Smoked Salmon Benedict by Bon Appetit.  A delicious brunch is a great way to get any day rolling and adding a bit of smoked salmon adds a touch of elegance.  While this recipe is a bit involved, it is completely worth the effort as you can see.  Wow guests, friends and fam  with a beautiful and delightful creation.  List of ingredients; shallots, dry mustard, dry white wine, whipping cream, white wine vinegar, eggs, brioche loaf or egg bread, smoked salmon, fresh dill and dill sprigs.  Full recipe and method

Asian Brown Sugar Salmon

Asian Brown Sugar Salmon

Asian Brown Sugar Salmon by Nature’s Health Foods.  I love simple and when it’s combined with delicious, it quickly becomes my favorite.  This salmon recipe serves 2 and will make a wonderful companion lying atop a bed of greens or nestled quietly beside a mound of rice.  List of ingredients; salmon fillet, grated ginger, sesame oil, hot chili oil, soy sauce and brown sugar.  Full recipe and method

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