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Black Vodka and Spooky Spirits for Halloween

Black Vodka Ghost Martini

Spooky HalloweenA dark, cold and frosty night, witches, vampires and ghouls move stealthily to your door and……ring the bell.  Witches Ball, Monster Mash, Goblin Soiree, Vampires Feast, whatever you are calling it this year, it’s going to be a spectacular occasion.

Having a really stellar name for your spooky cocktails, simply isn’t enough.  If it doesn’t have an ethereal look and an exquisite flavor, it shouldn’t make the cut.

Bleeding Heart Martini

Bleeding Heart Martini

Bleeding Heart Martini by Martha Stewart.  For anything holiday, my first stop is always Martha Stewart where a talented team  assembles on my computer screen with deliciously creative ideas.  There are times simplicity is the key and this cocktail is perfection.  Skew the pickled-beet with the cocktail spear and it “bleeds” as your guests sip.  Shopping list;  Dry vermouth, premium gin and pickled baby beets.  Full recipe and method.

Black Widow

Black Widow

Black Widow by Savvy Housekeeping.  The color, the legs, perfection. A delightful companion to the witch or vampire mingling with your guests in the living room.  Shopping list; Cream de Cassis, vodka, triple sec, fresh lemon juice, pomegranate juice and licorice strings.  Full recipe and method

Black Devil Martini

Black Devil Martini

Black Devil Martini by Cooking Channel.  We have gin, vodka and now rum.  This cocktail brightens up the room with a shot of color in a beautiful sugar-rimmed glass.  It’s simple, quick and most of all, delicious.  Shopping list;  Dark rum, vermouth and black olives.  Full recipe and method.

Black Vodka Ghost Martini

Black Vodka Ghost Martini

Black Vodka Ghost Martini and other Spooky Spirits.  Revisit last years post and assemble recipes for your Spooky gathering  Spooky Spirits for a Stellar Soiree

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5 Comments on Black Vodka and Spooky Spirits for Halloween

  1. This post made me smile and I want to come over to your house for fun and bevs!
    How cool!

  2. Reblogged this on Karen Ellis's Blog and commented:
    I Love Karie’s Cocktails for Halloween celebrations.
    Check it out. The photos are gorgeous. Not a big drinker here, but I would love to try them out, because they look so pretty.
    Sometimes I wish I were as clever in the kitchen!

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