Slow Smoked Cajun Brisket

Slow Smoked Cajun Brisket - Photo: Chef of the Future
Slow Smoked Cajun Brisket – Photo: Chef of the Future

If there is one thing I have picked up from meat-smoking/grilling forums and pitmasters, it is that everyone has a secret recipe and there is only one way to smoke meat. Their way. To be honest, they are all delicious!

When we smoke or grill, we change up the rubs often. Different flavors pair well with specific dishes or occasions and our choice for the next venture will be Cajun style.

Generally we mix and create our own rub, however for this recipe we will be using Chef of the Future’s Cajun Rub and Seasoning. We utilized this on a previous grilling project for a family dinner, sorry no photos as it was a private affair, and I fell in love with the combination of flavors.

One thing to keep in mind when choosing a rub or seasoning, is that it is meant to enhance flavors, so it’s important your spice selection does not overpower what you are grilling.

If you have a preferred grilling / smoking method, then you are ready to go. If not, here are a few hints and tips.Slow-Smoked Brisket Secrets .  I am including a few more links, so you can choose what works best for you.

Which ever method you choose, have fun, and be prepared because the aroma wafting through your streets will bring your neighbors over. Leave it up to them to bring the beer.





4 thoughts on “Slow Smoked Cajun Brisket

  1. Thinking about brisket, it is probably one of the absolute top foods in terms of effort/reward ratio. The effort of making brisket (I don’t own a good smoker, so for me it is done in the oven) is so small – nice dry rub, let it stay overnight, put in the oven in the morning with the addition of dry fruit, low heat for 6-7 hours, check once or twice – absolutely minor compare to what you get – amazing taste, where with every bite you crave another one.

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