Foraging in nature’s pantry on Farm to Table, Field to Plate

farm croppedExcitement has been building for quite some time as we move forward in to new territory. With two projects to bring what we do to both the reader and the viewer, one of my “babies”, Farm to Table, Field to Plate, has finally matured. Partnering with Captain Kelly Barnum, we are co-hosting a great new series, which focuses on creating delicious cuisine, direct from nature’s pantry.

Each episode of Farm to Table, Field to Plate, focuses on the principal of getting back to the basics of gathering what we eat. 

Long before the commercial movement began, and before “dinner in a box” could be purchased from your local grocery, what we now call “organic” was the only sustenance available to man. It wasn’t a word, it was a way of life and contained zero chemicals.
photo (1)Whether we are angling for seafood like salmon, tuna, halibut or  harvesting meat such as  venison, chicken, or pork, viewers will tag along as we hunt, fish or gather these exceptional animals.  The entire experience will focus on the adventure and incredible quest.

After harvesting our bounty, Farm to Table, Field to Plate hosts, and a guest personality will show you a multitude of ways to prepare and cook what we have brought in to the kitchen, creating delicious cuisine for the entire family.

Capt. Kelly Barnum and/or Karie Engels will design and build a meal to be prepared with or by a guest personality that consist of a protein, two side dishes, optional dessert, and a cocktails.  We will feature basic preparations and everyday cooking by world class artists, personalities and outdoor enthusiasts that showcase the raw beauty of our ingredients.

gardenHunt, fish, gather and cook with us as we inspire you to get back to basics, revisit old and create new traditions.  So come along with us, explore what nature has to offer and learn how to create your own garden space, so that you too can, eat what you grow, and grow what you eat.

You can find Farm to Table, Field to Plate on Comcast Sportsnet beginning in August 2014. We will keep you posted on exact dates and times.

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