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What do You Eat at 5 a.m. by Ginger Johnson

Ginger Johnson
Ginger Johnson

Ginger Johnson

The sun is not yet up, the people stream by like it’s any random midday hour, and I ponder: what do you eat at 5 am? Specifically, what should or could I dine on before getting on a plane cross-country?

Yesterday was markedly different. Not only was I not at an airport, properly shuttled through a mass of humanity in a hurry to get somewhere else, I was gearing up for the first day of the Oregon Brewers Festival. It’s a biggie. With over 80,000 guests, dozens upon dozens of beers available to taste, food vendors hawking their wares and a few “other” vendors (like us) awaiting a full day ahead.

Yesterday for breakfast it was a humble English muffin with a spot of butter and jam and a cup of OJ. In all fairness it was the continental breakfast set out by the hotel in which I was staying. Not my first choice, though not all bad either.

This morning in the hubbub that is international travel, I’ll seek something else. Beer isn’t on my mind for the meal (though there are some perfectly delightful beers to sip with breakfast). Baked goods are.

Why is that? I found myself hankering for the flaky croissants to be found in the Seattle airport. The ones I tried on my way home from another trip months back. One plain and simple, one with a bit of chocolate. Mmmmmm. I’d take that right now.

Eating at various times of day spur various desires.  It’s like when I’m asked, “What’s your favorite beer?” The reply is completely dependent on the circumstances, what/s available, what I may be in the mood for, and what I want to spend money on.

What do you eat at 5 am? Let me know. I’m curious to hear it.

Til the next glass ~

TFOB_LOGO_BET365Go Here: If you happen to be on the East coast of North America, the Toronto’s Festival of Beer is a good one to take in. It’s a great big city to explore and taste too.

Try This: Beer for breakfast. It’s a statement, not a question. Moderation in all things, alcohol included, can yield some flavorful and surprising enjoyments. Sip a Belgian with crispy waffles, a rich stout with chocolate doughnuts.

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