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Reading and Eating by Ginger Johnson

Ginger Johnson
Ginger Johnson

Ginger Johnson

It all started when I was too young to remember learning how to read.

Somehow in my early years I developed a strong interest in the written word and the mental adventures reading could yield. It’d be remarkable to remember the process of learning to write letters for the first time, combining them to form words and start to grasp meanings.

As an avid reader, I put forth a goal at the beginning of this year to read one business book per week. Crazy? Most likely. Ambitious? Yes. Fruitful? Yes. On track? Mostly.

I’ve expanded the reading to include all books, and that’s actually exceeded the week count. Seriously, a Good Book has me turning away other things I Should Do so I can read. Self-restraint comes along too to make sure the faucet isn’t left running or a roast charring in the oven.

Why am I talking about reading? Because part of my return to Your Home is to talk about books. Books are friends and – like friends – I generally like to share them with others. Count on reading posts about books I’ve read and what I find of value therein.

Reading to me is a wonderful education, pastime, way to inform my way in the world, meet new people, have adventures, and stimulate my brain. It’s also an excellent way to develop topics to discuss with other people and therefore develop culture. Yes, it’s that important to me. I can’t imagine not being able to read. 

Reading also informs my culinary world. Recipe books provide lovely inspirational pictures, ideas for ingredients and combinations, and insight on what’s going on when we prep and cook food.

I’ll be sharing thoughts and musings on various books as they relate to Your Home and the wonderful complement of writers and people here.

Thanks, Karie & you all. It’s good to be back. Tune in again soon for a few book rec’s. And be sure to share yours as well. The stack of books waiting to be read is never too high.

Cheers till then ~


You can find Ginger at the links below and also follow her on Twitter. Welcome back Ginger!

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