Hand Pies are this summers most delectable pastries

Every backyard barbecue and gathering needs to have at least one simple grab n go dessert for  kids to hold on to. A tasty treat they can walk around and munch on without a plate or napkin. Our sugared up delight of choice this year, are hand pies.

Berries are in season to be harvested on roadsides, purchased at farmers markets and local grocers. It’s the perfect time of year to create these tart like sweets. They are the perfect dessert for guests on the run as they can be prepared in a variety of shapes and flavors to fit everyone’s tastes.

Cranberry Handpie by cookandbemerrydotcomCranberry Hand Pies by Cook & Be Merry – These little beauties are filled with goodness that caught my eye right away due to the filling. Family and friends will adore these little gems during the holiday season, and your backyard crowd will love the tasty bites during the last big barbecue of summer.

Shopping list: Flour, sugar, salt, butter, cranberries, orange zest, orange juice, instant tapioca, vanilla and eggs. Link to full recipe and method below.

Searching for the perfect filling isn’t always easy. There are many options and flipping through recipe books or scouring online sites looking for “the one” can be time consuming. Fortunately, Mary Marshall of Cooking with Mary and Friends, has you covered.

Hand Pies by CookingwithMaryandFriendsdotcomHand Pies by Cooking with Mary and Friends ~ Whatever your favorite pie filling is, you can find here on Mary’s site in one post. Apple, Caramel Apple, Blueberry, Cherry and Strawberry.

I usually add the shopping list ingredients to these posts, however the ingredients for these delectable pastries will depend on the chosen filling. While you are over on Mary’s site, stay awhile, poke around a bit and jot down some delicious recipes to use for your harvested late summer/early fall bounty. Link to full recipe and method below.

Cooking with Mary and Friends

Cook & Be Merry

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