suzzie london, an introduction

The Last Date
by Suzzie London

I think most men are like a fine wine, they mature with age. Except some are corked right from the beginning…this is why I have dating stories to share.

I know you’re curious, who is Suzzie London?
I believe there is more to romance than flowers and chocolates. The first ingredients I am usually attracted to are a great smile and sense of humor, paired with warmth and sincerity. There also needs to be that “magic” called chemistry. This “magic” warms your heart, brings a blush to your cheeks, and makes you feel vivacious.

My personality is best described as vanilla with a side of sass and no one knows what types of adventures this sass will take me on.

I thought love, marriage, and a family of my own would come naturally as I went forward creating a happy life for myself. I do believe the best relationships begin from a combined happiness. Yours, theirs, and the blending together for a happily ever after. No Prince on a white horse needed.

As I’ve dated here and there some people have asked if my standards are too high. Take a look at my list and you tell me.

  • Single – Completely
  • Humor and Quick Wit
  • Affectionate
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Own a Vehicle
  • Long Term Relationship and Open to Marriage Wants Kids | Open to Kids | *No Kids* or Grown Adult Children Living on their own
  • Open to Cooking Together
  • Likes Family/Friends Gatherings
  • Wants to Travel
  • Celebrates Christmas
  • Prefers Beaches Over Mountains
  • No Smoking or Drugs
  • Social Drinker

Now you know a little about me and that I am hoping to find and go on my “last” first date. As I share my Last Dates with you, I invite you to laugh with me because laughter with friends is the best!

As I write this, the Thanksgiving Holiday is near, and I found myself thinking I am grateful for all of my dating disaster stories and the sweet stories too. I recently watched The Queen’s Gambit, and this brought back some sweet memories for me. So, let us begin this adventure with a sweet story first.

Suzzie’s Gambit

I was in the sixth grade and my dad taught me how to play chess. I played chess with my friend “Justin” at school. Not his real name, but it is close to justice and honestly this is spot on for him.

I asked our teacher if I could join the school’s chess club and was informed that girls cannot join. I asked Justin and later my dad if this was true and my dad said he would call the school.

When I arrived at school the next day I heard that Justin had already been campaigning for me to join the club. He informed the teacher and the other boys already in the club, that I played very well.

Later in the afternoon the teacher called me over and “quizzed” me about the rules and playing chess. Justin was right there beside me and after I finished answering the teacher’s questions, Justin exclaimed proudly, “I told you she can play chess.” Reluctantly, my teacher agreed to let me in the club.

The school year moved along quickly and my friendship with Justin grew. One day while playing chess, Justin popped the question.

Justin: “Will you go with me?”
Me: “Go where?”
Justin: “No, will you go with me?”
Me: “Go where?”
Justin: “No, Suzzie I am asking you, “Will you go with me?”
Me: “Justin, I can’t tell you if I want to go with you, until I know where you want to go.”

At that point Justin simply sighed and told me to forget it.

Later at dinner, I told my family about Justin’s odd question during our chess game. My little sister and mom laughed. My dad, on the other hand, thought I handled the conversation well. My little sister blurted out, “He wanted to go steady with you. He wanted to be your boyfriend.”

Wow! How could I have missed this and why didn’t he just rephrase the question? I couldn’t wait to go to school the next day. I thought he would ask me again and this time and I would say yes! Much to my dismay, he never asked again. (My first dating lesson.)

We continued our friendship and played chess every school day. In fact, when the big chess tournament came, the two finalists were Justin and I, and our teacher and the chess club members gathered around us for the big game. We were well matched, but there could only be one winner and as the game neared its end, Justin grew uneasy.

When I called, “Checkmate.” Justin’s reaction surprised me. “That’s not fair!” he exclaimed to our teacher. “What’s not fair?” the teacher asked. Frustrated Justin said, “She doesn’t play with a strategy!” Our teacher responded, “Maybe that’s her strategy.”

I was happy I won, but I also felt sad my friend lost. I also was very curious about strategy. What is it? Can it help my chess game? My dating game? I better ask my dad or better yet, my little sister.

I will always remember Justin. He stood up for what he believed in and at the time, what he believed in was me. He was a great friend and probably would have been a great first boyfriend too. I hope every lady has a supportive father and a Justin in her life. They make the world a better place.

As my first column comes to close on this Thanksgiving Eve, I am grateful to my friend and editor, Karie Engels for this opportunity and to connect with you, my readers, who are joining me on this exciting adventure.

Wishing you all a Happy Holiday Season!


Do you have questions or comments for Suzzie London? She would love to hear from you!
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2 thoughts on “suzzie london, an introduction

  1. Love this story!! Especially after also just watching the Queen’s Gambit!! Looking forward to hearing more from Suzzie..

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