Dating Christmas Present

by Suzzie London

If you’ve not read part I of Suzzie London’s dating adventure, Dating Christmas Past, Present and Future, please do so before continuing with this part II. You will be so glad you did.

Dating Christmas Present

2020 was a crazy year and many people can tell you social distancing simply did not blend well with dating. My Nana and Papa met during World War II, he was an American Soldier and Nana was a young lady in England. My Nana and Papa were happily married for 73 years until Papa passed. Surely if they could meet and marry during a war, I should be able to find a nice man during Covid. So while it might not be easy to date during a pandemic, it’s not impossible.

Nana is still with us and I treasure every momentI have with her. She is my cheerleader and even at 94 she thinks of subtle, creative ways for me to meet men, because a lady as she says, should never be bold. Nana surprised me with the following suggestion. She simply said, “You need to start winking at every man you meet. One will stick.” That’s pure genius! What could possibly go wrong? I wink. They wink back, say hi, or move on.

My December winking game was strong. I left the house with my eye make up on point, brows brushed, lashes lush, wore masks in pretty colors to match my outfits and to make my eyes pop. I gave out winks while Christmas shopping, grocery shopping, filling my car’s gas tank, picking up to go orders, walks on the beach, and even while stopped at a stoplight, a gentelman rolled his window down and ask me for my phone number after receiving a wink. And while one has not “stuck” yet, I found it an energizing thing to do during the day. I have received winks back, I helped one man pick out bed sheets for his son, and engaged in a few fun small conversations.

While most experiences were rewarding, things can still go a little awry with a wink and a smize – smiling with your eyes.

It’s not an easy task performing a wedding ring check with six feet of social distancing guidelines or if they are wearing glove. While shopping in the meat department at my local grocer, I winked at a man over breakfast sausages. He said “hello” and a woman came up behind him, placed an arm on him the other on the shopping cart and said “He is with me.” He gave a laugh and I followed up with a quick “Merry Christmas” and moved on to the produce department.

As I was selecting a bunch of bananas, a man strolled by on the other side of the banana aisle. As I winked at him, my contact popped out of my eye and landed on my mask. I reached for it and it fell into the banana display. I looked back at him and he was laughing, so I laughed. He wished me good luck and kept strolling. So much for chivalry.

Decision time. Do I try to find my contact lens in the pile of bananas and if I do happen to find it, do I put it back in my eye? Can I successfully drive home wearing one contact? I decided that in the name of love, my contact lens would take one for the team. I walked around the grocery store filling my basket in permanent wink mode so I could see.

I purchased my groceries, made it home safely and learned an important lesson. From now on I will carry a small bottle of contact solution in my purse. The winter weather and winking can really dry out contacts.

Dating Christmases Future

My winking & smizing adventures will continue, after all as Nana said, one will stick. I am a firm believer in taking responsibility for creating and maintaining my own happiness and while we all have probably wished for a glimpse into our future, our lives are ultimately up to us.   

Wishing you all a Happy New Year and if you are lucky, may winks and smizes be in your future!

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