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cropped-basil-salt-4.jpgYes! We’ve changed!

If you’ve been with us for a while you’ve noticed a ‘not so subtle’ change on our site and across social media as of late.

I am excited to share that we are taking our little site to print! Yes, a real, page turning, paper magazine, filled with recipes, cocktails, wine, beer and travel recommendations, focusing on the enjoyment of the gourmet lifestyle. Our first issue will print and be distributed in September of this year. Our website will correspond with the print publication, with new articles added daily.

Our name isn’t the only feature that’s changing. While the site has always been driven by a collection of recipes, cocktails and culinary news, I am now infusing it with a clean, “classic” look with hints of brightness and vigor, enhanced by the “voices” of genuine,  talented writers and artists, some of which you may be familiar with as they also write for other publications.

CoverWhile the online site will always remain free of charge, our interactive digital and print publication will be subscription only and you can subscribe at this link.

Thank you for being such a huge part of what we do every day. I look forward to traveling this road with you and heading into a bright new adventure.

Karie Engels

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Karista Bennett

Alice D’Antoni Phillips

Warren Bobrow

Joe Roberts

Michael Pendley

Michelle Williams

Ziggy Eschliman

Elizabeth Smith

LM Archer

Megan Hill

Christine Havens

The Happy Hour Guys

Stacy Briscoe

Jesse Morris

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