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Food Blogger Conference in my Backyard…

I loved to watch the Lion fish and sea horses swim around in the tanks for as long as I could until being shooed out of the dining room….

My mom worked as a pantry cook at The Wharf Restaurant and I was always up for riding into “the big city” with dad to pick her up after her shift from seven to three in the afternoon. It was a huge restaurant and I’d get lost on purpose when the place was empty during the lull before dinner. If mom was running late with clean up, I’d gladly explore the banquet rooms, look out the huge windows at the fishing boats, and my favorite stop was the Mermaid Room, one of the two bars there along with the Moby Dick to sit at one of the high backed booths. I remember the bartender who’d make me a fancy drink (soda pop with a ton of maraschino cherries) complete with plastic sea horses which I joyously and greedily collected. I didn’t want to leave, much to my mother’s frustration as she’d had enough of the place and had to be back early the next morning. There are some cool pictures of The Wharf and other classic local restaurants in the book Seattle’s Historic Restaurants. Seeing The Wharf’s dining room pictures brought back a lot of great childhood memories.

Old postcard, main dining room view. Circa pre 80's??

Old postcard, main dining room view. Circa pre 80’s??

Note: Here’s another vintage Wharf postcard I just found. ~ So cool!

Both of my parents worked or were involved in the hospitality industry in some sort of form, and I was born and grew up into it. We even had a restaurant of our own, a steak house for a short time. Food, restaurants, and hotels are as welcoming and natural to me as breathing.

Coming full circle in 2013 I’m beyond excited to attend my first International Food Blogger Conference (IFBC) at the W Hotel. It’s my birthday present to myself, tickets purchased months ago and the time is finally here. It’s extra special and full of nostalgia because it just happens to be one block up from another place mom worked. This is becoming more than a bit  – surreal. The place is called Bernard’s on Seneca and I’m not certain it’s even open anymore, but it used to be called The Bavarian Haus. See thumbnail. My image searches yielded some good finds. In this picture the view would be if you were standing on the north side of Seneca street halfway up the block between 3rd and 4th avenues. Can you guess from this old photo where the W Hotel currently sits?


Another vintage postcard circa 50’s or 60’s. Click to make it bigger.

Perhaps I’ll tell you folks the story about bringing my pet chicken to the Bavarian Haus for a visit – mom loved that one too. I was very attached to that bird.

As I wrote this I finally had a chance to settle down after a busy summer, and reading through the IFBC agenda and participant packet got me excited all over again. Living in downtown Seattle just a couple blocks from the W will make it great to simply walk down the hill right to the conference. I’m not sure what I want to do and see first, besides everything. I’ll most likely end up going with the flow, making sure to bring my journal to take notes as they happen about all the wonderful people that I’m going to meet. Looking forward to seeing you there!

“Organized by and Zephyr Adventures, IFBC was the first-ever conference for food bloggers, first held in May of 2009. The series focuses on three themes: Food, Writing, and Technology. This event will feature high-quality educational sessions, personal networking opportunities, and what 95% of attendees say is the best food and wine of any blogging conference.”

Simple networking tip for the anxious or exhausted…

Alki Point Lighthouse

In the last month I’ve been promoting my new business venture. This means an increase in networking activities, making connections, and I’m doing many more expansion type talks with people who are in circles I’m unfamiliar with. Speaking with so many new communities and individuals is enjoyable and fun, however…

In the past when I’ve increased my networking (boosting the signal or shining the light if you will…) I’d find myself at home exhausted and anxious after networking events and conversations. I’d reach for food, a glass of wine, or several to soothe my frayed nerves and get back to feeling like my normal self. This energy depletion confused me so much that I was certain I was an introvert. Yeah, right!

When I took a deeper look at how I connect and build relationships, the phrase “intimate extrovert” came up in my head. So, I’m going with it.

As an intimate extrovert and intuitive – establishing and nurturing these types of connections would take a toll on my energy. Let me tell you how and why it affected me.

To me an intimate extrovert is a person who delights in connecting with people in a deep heartfelt way. Think quality versus quantity. They are spirit filled talent scouts, lit up from within and attracting people who share a call to do great things or – to connect those with wishes and dreams to the people or programs who can make them a reality.

If you identify as an intimate extrovert, here’s a simple and powerful energy conservation tip for you.

When you’re out talking with people, as they ask you questions, be aware of any subtle reactions in your body. This includes all conversations whether it be via social media, email, texts, phone calls or face to face exchanges.

Be mindful of the following as you’re shining and broadcasting your message. Ask yourself:
Is the question landing strangely for me?
Is it uncomfortable in any part of my body, mind, spirit?
If the answer is yes, even if you think you’re being too sensitive or trivial – turn it right back to them and say the following:

“Oh. Why do you ask?”

Instead of using the go to method of sorting through your beautiful data bank of a brain and selecting from the tens of thousands of possibilities on their behalf…
What would it look like if you didn’t try to figure out the answer for them?

Even if you are absolutely certain you know the why behind the ask, direct it back to them. I’ll tell you why…

This is Be-You-Tiful because it does the following:

1) It makes them accountable for the energy they are bringing to the conversation. You meet as two equals and a human to human connection.

2) Conserves brain power and avoids the mental contortions you put yourself through trying to figure out what’s behind the question. *When you find yourself in this situation is it energizing or exhausting? *

3) It’s a fantastic sorting tool and B.S. detector. Based on the response you will quickly know whether or not to continue the conversation or politely move on to a more enriching effortless connection.

4) Last but not least, YOU – my dear lighthouse, will stay grounded, strong, and peaceful. You’ll broadcast your message with a steady effortless signal and well – that’s attractive!

Mindful energy conservation and direction makes it so you continue to attract and connect powerfully and intimately with the people you’re meant to collaborate and do great things with.

This is how to keep these energy exchanges full of enrichment instead of exhaustion.

Try it and let me know how it works for you.

Warmly, Linda

A Mother’s Day message from my parents, and why it was strange….

As mom and dad spoke, I listened with great interest and intensity to what they were saying – hanging on each word. Ordinarily this would not be something I’d write about. But since the message arrived in an unusual way, and not through conventional channels of phone, email or text I knew I’d better tell you folks about it. Let me be clear, both my mom and dad are deceased. So, this was a first for me, being a two for one divine communication download on Mother’s Day 2013.

No, I’m not crazy. Perfectly sane in fact and very intuitive.

Before I go into it more, let me give you some context.

Family is really important to me. Like really truly a soul feeding and nourishing non negotiable requirement for my body. Luckily through the specific connections I’ve built, I’m rich in chosen family in this lifetime. This is exactly why I never felt the pull to have children of my own and instead was always fulfilled when I’d babysit the neighborhood kids. I was and am the type of sitter who’d be right there down on the floor in the blanket fort with the rest, because I’m a big kid myself.

Even now I’m a passionate inspiring person when connecting with chosen family and yet, I can’t and don’t wish to – do everything. We all to get to and absolutely need to shine bright in our own way. Sometimes in the background, and sometimes center stage.

For me there’s no greater satisfaction than recognizing where people shine – and then to reveal that grace and power to them so they can fully step into whatever they are meant to do. Witnessing that moment of realization (lit up!!) makes me want to break out into song. And I do, every time.

In fact, I know people are born able to fascinate others already straight out of the womb, but are simply unaware of how they do this. It’s not hard to find our way back to that, as it’s right under our nose. We do this naturally when we are kids, our personalities shine through whether it’s dancing, singing, writing, or creating a symphony of a beautiful database if those things are what bring you pleasure and joy. You don’t realize it because it’s the air you breathe and the water you swim in. You say to yourself, “No big deal, doesn’t everyone do that?” No honey, they don’t!

If you’ll stay with me for just a little bit more, I promise to get back to my story. But right now there’s one more thing I need to let you know. (This will come in handy later when we decide to collaborate together) When I cross paths with someone I consider them chosen family whether they are in my life for the span of a sentence or many decades. And when our time together is done, our soul contract fulfilled, I can’t think of a more joyful moment than seeing them grow off on their own. Yes, I said ‘grow’.

So, as I read (so many professions of love) and saw these amazing images (the HATS, the cakes, the family gatherings) on my social media feed I simultaneously felt the bittersweet double sided knife of gratitude and grief at seeing all the family pictures scrolling through. Oh, how I missed them and sharp tears filled my eyes and I had a huge painful lump in my throat. It was intense, and I wanted to walk away from the screen. But I stayed because in that moment I didn’t need to look away, I knew enough to trust my process and was certain I needed to see this — although it was beyond uncomfortable to do so. So I just did it and kept on looking. Then it all began to make sense.

In the weeks leading up to Mother’s Day, I’d been hearing a call that began as a subtle feeling in the deepest core of me. Then other senses came on line and my mind urged me to remember how long it had been since she died. You see my Mom passed away in 2006, and my father ten years earlier in 1996. If they were needing to tell me something, I wanted to find out what that was. I wanted the connectivity reestablished.

This is what led me to a request a Mother’s Day spiritual reading from a trusted earthbound angel named Abigail. As our phone session began, the words flowed out effortlessly, and I knew to let go because I was simply a conduit and beacon for the message. The response was immediate with both parents coming through clearly, vividly with all five senses included in the experience.

I won’t go into too much detail on the reading because you’re a busy person and have communities to create and customers to contact. Suffice it to say I got reconnected with my family and my new business venture focusing on connectivity (funny how that works…) and energy is right on track.

I’m compelled to tell you (Mom & Dad insist) that I’m your connectivity resource and am here to speak with you about options to connect and amplify your church (regardless of denomination or focus), your business, or your passion driven cause in a financially efficient way to accelerate whatever you need or dream to do.

If your scenario needs a communication lighthouse or beacon, let’s do that. I provide a rich and juicy gateway to support and amplify your cause. And we’ll have a lot of fun along the way, I promise.

If you’re intrigued by what I’m saying, I invite you to leave a comment or contact me now at I can’t wait to meet you or take our connection to the next level.

With complete love and integrity,

Linda “Your Connectivity Fairy”

Fairy Godmother

A Place in the Sky

Note: No ingestion of mushrooms or peyote took place during the writing of this article.

Linda Eaves

Linda Eaves

Some time ago I was talking with someone close to me and the conversation descended into a very dreamlike landscape. The concrete lines of reality and fantasy blurred and became soft. As I said in the beginning, there were no ingestion of imagination aiding substances involved. I simply allowed myself permission to dream with the occasional reminder that it was perfectly fine for things not to make sense and that I was still in fact sane.

A couple of deep breaths and a few moments of quiet later, a scene emerged and became clear. I’m on a mountain top looking out of my own eyes with the perspective of a first person video game, There’s a landscape of panorama all around me. Mountains, water, valleys, and buildings in beautiful 3-D splendor. My gaze sweeps back and forth and as I look over it all a peace settles over me from head to toe, inside and out.

It’s beautiful. I delight in being there and never tire of looking at it. I know there are allcol tower kinds of friends, connections, and opportunities wherever I look. This energizes me and buoys my spirits. I knew I needed to find a place like this, a personal retreat.

That vision or dream first came to me in 2010 and it stuck with me. It’s my center and retreat. I knew I needed to be able to access and recreate this somehow in my life. This is how I found myself at the Columbia Tower Club, the perfect urban steel and glass mountain top in the middle of downtown Seattle.

The first time I took the two elevators up, then looked out the 75th floor window I became a human window sticker as I saw the familiar landscape stretched out on all sides. I knew I’d found my place.

As you probably have guessed by now, I joined the club and it’s become my second home. I’ve been a member for a year and counting. You can find me there most weekdays stopping in for coffee or to take in a breakfast meeting before I walk to my office, and then again at lunch to sample the newest offerings that our executive chef has up his sleeve.

I like the views no matter what the weather, and it is my utmost pleasure to host guests for happy hours, or invite you to sample one of our great events with the foods and wine to complete the experience. If you’ve never been there before, reach out to me and I’ll make sure you’re taken care of.

It’s my place in the sky, and I don’t mind sharing it a bit.

A Message from Linda ~ Food for the Soul with Linda Eaves

This is an introduction I wrote for a local group called Seattle Dream Makers. Simply put, we’re a bunch of people who lead with positive relationships in our personal, social, and business connections. We uplift and edify each other with those connections.

I realized the intro goes well here on Food for the Soul too. After all, I can’t begin to count how many epic business ideas and ventures came into this world within the walls of a coffee shop, a happy hour, or during the solitude of enjoying one’s own personal picnic lunch and taking advantage of the creativity emerging during that special time. Food nourishes us on so many levels doesn’t it?


One of my dreams was to be a City Girl and live right smack dab in the middle of things. In April 2012 this dream came true. Now I live on First Hill and love every minute. Am so happy I kind of annoy myself. But it wasn’t always this way.

Linda Eaves

Linda Eaves

It was a scary move. The house where I lived was great. I liked it well enough, but something was off. I was with a wonderful guy – a country and wide open spaces kind of fella who hates being boxed in. We even had a basset hound named Cordelia named after the character from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Now you know my geeky side.

With all that I still had the craving for the city. So much that I could taste, hear, and smell it. But how do you start that conversation and not hurt the person you love? To say I was conflicted was an understatement. I didn’t want to leave him; yet I needed to follow the call of my passion and listen to my dream. Having ‘the talk’ together that night was difficult. What got us through was being 100% honest with each other.

Things turned out well, we’re still together and designing our life on our terms. There are no mistakes, I was (and am) grateful for our time in that house and wouldn’t change a thing.

In pursuing my city dream, I got to have the pleasure of meeting people like Lori, Sadee, and Tracy – phenomenal women all through Chick Chat’s events, and now we’re onto Dream Makers!! Wonderful experiences and this is just the beginning. I feel fortunate to be part of the Seattle Dream Makers.

So many dreams coming true, and I’m accepting and recognizing how my dreams are showing up in unexpected ways. Like the opportunity to write for Mode Magazine and getting to know and learn from that amazing group of people. Those things weren’t specifically written in the plan or put on my vision board, yet here they are.

Finally, let me tie this in to Dream Makers.
What does Dream Makers mean to me, and ultimately – to you? Here’s why I want to be with you all.  I’m always evolving, but the theme remains the same. Connection. I like to be of service through connection and uplifting entrepreneurs by spreading their message. I’m here to find out what you’re up to, perhaps to collaborate with you, or introduce you to someone who can assist in making your dream come true. I love the zing of hooking you up with people, places, and experiences you desire. There’s nothing better than when people play well together. The world continues to be a great place and things get done.

If you’ve read this far – thank you. Your time and attention is valuable and I appreciate you taking a pause in your day just to get to know me. If we haven’t yet met, I hope to soon. ~ Linda