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Beverage Cross Pollination at the Craft Beverage Expo by Ginger Johnson

Ginger Johnson, Kellie Shevlin, Tom McCormick
CBE-Craft Beverage Expo

CBE-Craft Beverage Expo

If you attend any sort of professional development, and specifically conferences and trade shows, you’ll want to know about the recent inaugural Craft Beverage Expo (CBE).

Founder, visionary, and Executive Director Kellie Shevlin recognized an opportunity, did her research and gathered a team. Leading that team, CBE was a sound success.

Planning, executing and pulling off a well produced, smooth, guest friendly and worthwhile show is no small feat. She knew this and worked steadily, relentlessly from inception of the idea all the way through the end of the CBE last Thursday.

As an invited guest, speaker and advisory council member, it was a special treat and honor to be included. I’ll be the first one to say it feels great to be invited by someone who believes you have something to offer. Once there, this new idea she was driving hit me solidly in the eyes: A cross industry conference designed to poll resources and share insights for everyone’s benefit.

With the theme of “Bringing artisan beer, wine and spirits to market,” issues such as regulation and distribution, marketing tactics and sales insights, and media and press education were well covered by various professionals.

Ginger Johnson, Kellie Shevlin, Tom McCormick

Ginger Johnson, Kellie Shevlin, Tom McCormick

Like I told Kellie, it didn’t feel like a first year conference. That’s a complement. Meaning, there were no headless chickens (staff) running around in a panic, the trade show floor was well appointed and clean and organized, and the selected venue was very appropriate and fitting. Plus the food and beverage offered as part of the conference fee was refreshingly good.

When you invest your dollars in education, time and resources, careful consideration must accompany the decisions. While I rarely stump for a particular event, I will always recommend professional and personal development. The CBE is one I’d encourage you to attend as well. Since it’s new, it’s relatively small which also means you can really meet and talk with people at length. A big part of the value proposition to me is always “who will I see/meet?”

Relationships make the world go round and I’ve got a bunch of cool new ones started due to this event.

Cheers to Kellie and the entire crew for giving us a high value tasty event. See you there next year.

Till the next glass ~


Go Here: Research conferences, seminars, and all varieties of educational opportunities in your areas of profession and interest. Call and inquire, choose and attend those that fit your time, budget and goals.

Try This: If you think you have something to share, research conferences and events that can use your expertise. If you have time to give, most events are looking for either volunteers to help in some capacity or hired help to assist. Volunteering and working events in this capacity is also a great way to get an indirect entry and view at what you’re interested in.

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