Let’s Get Outdoors; Grab n Go Picnic Desserts

Fresh air is calling and ideas have been bubbling and brewing in our heads as we search for the best “grab and go” desserts for your picnic. Canadian House & Home has a fabulous layered apple dessert that I absolutely adore. The ingredients list is basic and the flavors combine very well. Ricardo Larrivee’s Apple & Maple Verrine ~ There is a separate recipe for each … Continue reading Let’s Get Outdoors; Grab n Go Picnic Desserts

Picnic Sandwiches; The ultimate finger foods

Temps are getting warmer, days are stretching and we are heading outdoors!  Spring and summer picnics are a delightful way to keep trekking when we go outside.  Whether it’s a trail hike, a simple walk along the river, bike ride or out on the front lawn, taking a few bites to eat along on your adventure means you don’t have to go home or stop … Continue reading Picnic Sandwiches; The ultimate finger foods

Hot Grill, Cool Beer

Author:  Ginger Johnson *ssssssss* *pop!* Mmmmmmmm… Grilling is a special treat to me because it’s a very primal act. You get something raw, slap it on the grate over hot coals and cook. It’s simple, rewarding, and very basic. Beer is in ideal partner in grilling pursuits in two ways. One as a food partner. With dozens of styles to match and complement foods, there’s … Continue reading Hot Grill, Cool Beer

Cooking outdoors; Grilled London Broil

The sun is making it’s way back to out warm us and the outdoor decor is making it’s way out of storage.   Grilling season is back in business.  Cleaning the grill is essential to the flavor of your foods and with a few simple tools and a bit of elbow grease you can have that knocked out in 15 minutes or so.  Take a … Continue reading Cooking outdoors; Grilled London Broil

Smoked Salmon

by Celebrating Home with Karie Engels on Thursday, September 15, 2011 at 11:29am My Honey has the perpetual itch to fish and hunt ~ so when the news came “pinks are in!”, this guy was on it.  This awesome man prepares himself well, heads out there and catches food, brings it home, cleans it, packages it all up and bonus ~ he cleans the mess … Continue reading Smoked Salmon