Celebrity Chit Chat

Grant Wilson and Rather Dashing Games; an inspiration for family game night

A Q & A with SyFy’s Ghost Hunter’s Co-founder, Grant Wilson  

Grant WilsonWhen one of my favorite television programs aired an episode where one of the co-founders was leaving the show to spend time with his family and pursue other adventures, I among countless others, was very curious as to what the other ventures could be.  I was delighted to read what was going to be next in the life of him and his family.

Grant Wilson, co-founder of The North Atlantic Paranormal Society (Taps) and lead investigator opposite Jason Hawes of ScyFy channel’s Ghost Hunters, began his next life’s journey as Art Director and Vice President of the board game company, Rather Dashing Games.  He is part of a great team of talents who accompany and complement each other on this adventure.  Read on……

The Modern Witch a Q & A with Eilfie Music

Eilfie MusicWhen October begins I bring out the werewolf, vampires and ghost dvd’s and spend the evenings shivering in my skin.  I have a few favorite television programs I watch for thrills, chills and scares.  One of the finest paranormal, ghost hunting shows produced, debuted in December of 2007 and although the final episode aired in May of 2011, it remains one of my top choices to catch on Netflix on a regular basis.

Paranormal State is “a student led college club that investigated paranormal phenomena at haunted locations”.  One of the group’s paranormal investigators, the ethereal and enchanting Eilfie Music lives the daily life of the modern witch.   Ms. Music was kind enough to participate in a Q & A for this October article series.  Read More…..

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