Cooking with Gibson Wine Co.

Recipes and Food & Wine Pairings

Seared Scallops with Pan Sauce

Lovely and delicate, scallops are a delicious favorite to pair with great conversation and one of Gibson Wine Company’s chardonnays. A light salad, simple greens and crusty bread for the extra pan sauce, are excellent companions for this gorgeous dish.

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Alaska Cod Tostadas

Simple and delicious, this recipe serves 8, and can be prepped, cooked and on the table in 25 minutes. Get the recipe here

Grilled Spicy Steak with Guacamole Salsa

Mixed greens, Mandarin oranges, and a spicy guacamole salsa make this the perfect pairing for a Gibson cabernet. Get the recipe here

Mulled Wine

A Gibson Recipe

’tis the season! Mulled wine season that is.
As we push into November and the holiday season, welcome visiting friends and family with a Gibson favorite. Get the recipe here

Bourbon Peach Cobbler

Made with a bit of bourbon, this cobbler pairs nicely with a California chardonnay.

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Sour Cherry Galette

Rustic and simple, the sour cherries pair perfectly with a sweet dessert wine like Gibson’s Cresta Bella Port.