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Crafting Education by Ginger Johnson

Ginger Johnson

ginger 1052015Rarely does someone point their finger at me and tell me what to do. It’s precisely what My Fine Husband did about 4 weeks ago.

He’d come across this class – Crafting Beer & Food – and told me I needed to attend. “Here’s why,” he continued (which was the saving grace):

  1. They’re covering topics I’m interested in, one being beer as it relates to cooking.
  2. These are educational sessions we’ve not seen anywhere else relevant to my world and goals.

After a look around their site, I did indeed register. And then I started really looking forward to something I had no idea I would have missed.

While I firmly believe and extol everything is possible, ‘everything’ in this case is now something I would have otherwise innocently passed up due to not knowing about it.

Where I’m going with this today is that we need to listen to valuable voices in our lives.

If My Fine Husband or one of my friends or colleagues tells me about something they heard of or know about that I would specifically find of interest, then I’ll check it out. If it’s a stranger or relative unknown who tells me “you should do/try/look into this” then it’s entirely different. There may be a kernel of something in their idea yet the people who know me are stronger voices. They’re ones who are vested in our relationship and therefore stand to gain more by sharing and helping me.

The last time I was in Napa Valley was to give my TEDx talk, this past April. My focus at that juncture was all talk, no rec. It’ll be a true treat to attend this summit, meet more engaged folks, see friends and colleagues, stay with friends and participate on one of the panels as a speaker.

How we craft our own education is important. It can and does change our world, for the better, if we let it. Bring on the good stuff. I’m ready.

See you there. (psst: there are still a few more seats available…)


You can find Ginger at the links below and also follow her on Twitter. Welcome back Ginger!

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