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Curious about where your iPhone is made and why? Take a look.


iOS 8, the biggest iOS release ever, was made available to consumers last night, and downloaded on iPhone’s around the globe.Visually, it looks a lot like the iOS 7, and because of this, you may miss some important and useful features. ( Read A Guide to What’s Great in iOS 8 / )

Tomorrow, you will be able to walk in to an Apple store and purchase the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus, it’s a huge week for Apple and all of it’s customer’s. ( read Apple’s iPhone 6 release date timeline If your are curious about the structure of production and the iPhone 6 manufacturing process take a look at this info graphic and note the following interesting facts provided by Alex Hillsberg of and

  • Foxconn employees are now slowly being replaced by Foxbot robots
  • While iPhone 6 is mainly assembled in China, Apple supports almost 600k jobs in the US
  • iPhone production is so huge that it can affect the economies of Japan and China
  • If Apple brought iPhone manufacturing to the US it would cost them $4.2 billion
  • Apple has a Supplier Responsibility Program that improves the working conditions in Chinese factories


Made available by: Author: Alex Hillsberg


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