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Delicious Reading of Economy Grace and by Ginger Johnson

audaciaginger2I love how certain books can whet your appetite not only for food. It gets my brain juice moving in new ways. Tamar Adler’s An Everlasting Meal, Cooking with Economy and Grace is one of those books for me.

Ms. Adler’s book was one I first checked out at a local library. Libraries are treasure troves of books of all ilk’s and one of the local branches is chock full of interested food choices. An Everlasting Meal caught my eye and then, very quickly, my interest in reading it. Her style, wit, perspective, and humor along with her obvious food and eating knowledge resonates loudly with me.

She’s already influenced my meals this week. Her philosophy is one I have already been developing my own brand of as well, so it’s great timing I chose to read it again. Here’s why I’m glad I pulled it out of my bookshelf.

  1. IMG_3700Starting with the title, economy and grace are pervasive throughout the text, putting her money where her mouth is. To get a glowing foreword by a very well known pro such as Alice Waters (which this book has) would possibly set one on guard. Let your guard down and know her introduction is true.
  2. An Everlasting Meal – what does that mean? Ms. Adler deconstructs her very title showing us the meat of what she’s sharing with the reader to also be true. Everlasting…how does that work on our world of food, cooking, prepping, and shopping, I dare say – being in the world?
  3. The book is a mash of philosophy, recipes, and methodologies sprinkled with stories and ideas. I love this kind of format as it offers so much more than rote information. You feel like you could be listening to her pattering around in her kitchen.
  4. I want to invite her over to stay with me for a few days or weeks. We seem to have a lot in common and I find the affinities to me inspiring. Finding others who believe in using pickle juice, for example, and not throwing it out (what a mistake that is to begin with!).

To be exposed to thoughtful ‘new’ ideas and how that affects our others thinkings. These are the kinds of people and books I seek and find valuable.

And yes, the recipes therein are well worth the cost of the book alone.

When I first bought Ms. Adler’s book I put it on my Cookbook Shelf in my kitchen. It’s since migrated around the house, finding a perch on various bookshelves and tables. I want to have it out at the ready. For me, for you when you come to visit, and to inspire and remind me of economy and grace.


FYI All books I discuss are of my own choosing, for my own reasons.

You can find Ginger at the links below and also follow her on Twitter. Welcome back Ginger!

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