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Elegance, Grace and Good Manners Never Go Out of Style, Or Do They?

This morning I read an article, and then watched the video of Martha Stewart’s interview.  I am truly disappointed in what I saw, heard and read.

I have always thought of Martha as a gleaming icon, a beacon in our Wal-Mart world, a shining light of great taste and good manners. I am still shaking my head.  I am well aware that Martha’s conglomeration uses blogging sites to further her reach in the world of social media and I am truly surprised she would alienate them and attempt to chop off their heads in a single moment.

There has been a growing controversy regarding blogging sites and I understand the murmurs to a point.  I will say right off the top, that a blogger and blogging site will never have the aura of mystique that a cookbook author has surrounding them.  I am in awe of the men and women who develop, create recipes and publish them.   I have a couple of favs that I will share with you, Nathalie DupreeVirginia Willis ( visit their sites, you will love them ) and yes, many others.

I take offense to what I have seen and heard this morning, not because what I and many others do has been shredded, because of how we have been categorized and lumped as a whole. A few comment threads following posts of the interview has me walking on fire.  I do not steal recipes…I do not tout them as my own.  I create a resource guide for great sites, recipes and entertaining ideas.

Today’s world is busy, hectic.  In many households both parents work full time and dinner has become grocery store cuisine and mac and cheese from the box.  Time is in short supply.  My goal is to locate great content and share with home cooks small pieces of what they can do to put beautiful and delicious foods on the table for their family.

I highlight sites and content creators.  I do not put their recipe on my site, but link it back to the originator, whether it is a blogger who has created a fantastic dish, a published magazine site and up until today, Martha Stewart.  Why?  Because in today’s busy world, people do not have time to cruise sites looking for good recipes and entertaining ideas.  I create a list with links, a bit like a resource guide. There are so many great sites out there and there are equally as many that are not and I weed them out.

At the risk of rambling, which I tend to do, information and the way we gather it has changed and it continues to change a little bit every day.  Smart phones, tablets and computers.   Cookbooks now come across my iPad where I can quickly look something up in the kitchen.  It’s a beautiful tool for reference and my publications come with me everywhere I go.  Consumers and readers have changed how they locate, purchase and store content, it’s imperative we all adapt and change with technology because it isn’t going to stop and wait for us to catch up.  My suggestion would be, if you know a blogging site that you trust, use them to spread the word, use their social media reach to show their readers what you have for them to purchase.

To those of you who have devoted your entire life to the development and recipes and the creation of content, Chefs, Cookbook Authors and Magazine Editors (couldn’t resist), I applaud you.  You have a creative juice that is awe inspiring and I hope that you will look upon some of us in a favorable light as we highlight and introduce your delectable content to readers who may not have known it was out there, and to show readers who truly appreciate what you do, that you have a new product.   I love it when I receive a message from someone who has followed a link and “connects” with the site they have found or a  cookbook they want to own and feel they have found their culinary home.

As much as I have adored Martha in the past, our site will not highlight any more of her ego. I understand my view may differ from yours, and despite this, I do hope you will stick around to watch other creative culinary personalities grow and develop who they are as I post links to their content.

It simply wouldn’t be fair to post my opinion without the original reference point.  Article

Note:  There are so many bloggers and content creators that spend countless hours developing recipes, creating, cooking, photographing, maintaining their site, writing code and have had to become social media professionals.  This is a full time job for many of them, and they are excellent in their craft.  They are a workforce of one individual.  I am amazed at what they can do and I applaud them.

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14 Comments on Elegance, Grace and Good Manners Never Go Out of Style, Or Do They?

  1. You have a great site and blog, the “ego who shall remain nameless” is part of the problem.


  2. Hi Karie… watched the video’s…
    Shall I say…poo-poo to her.
    Keep pressing on!

  3. Bravo Karie! Perhaps a bit more time in jail would have taught Martha some humility. Or maybe she should just watch an episode or two of Orange Is The New Black to refresh her memory. ;)

  4. sueannkatherine // October 16, 2013 at 5:53 pm // Reply

    It’s funny, the very first blog I ever followed, and still my favorite to this day is, because she does just that: saves me from scouring the web or MY 101 cookbooks when I just want to prepare something and eat. I feel like it’s a “service” to all when we highlight the beautiful recipes we find online. Someone needs to take away Martha’s iPad.

  5. Karie,
    Phenomenal Read. I agree 1000% The “Ego” has overreached and bit the hand that feeds her. As a credible recipe creator and cookbook author, I resent that she globs me in with a faction of people who hold no responsibility in what they produce and post. THANK YOU for pointing out that we are not all in that group.

  6. Karie, Bravo! I agree 100%. As a Credible Recipe Creator and Cookbook Author who blogs and shares her life experience via the same Social Media that fed this “Ego” I resent her “globbing” me in with the faction of Bloggers who take no responsibility for the content they produce. Thank You for pointing out that we are not ALL alike.
    I know the power of the Blogosphere, and unfortunately I think she has bitten the hand that fed her.

  7. I totally agree with you, Karie! Bloggers range from “whatever” to magnificent. You would think that Martha would applaud our creativity…Clearly, she doesn’t even read blogs – I’m sure she has staff for that!

    I “abandoned” Martha long ago. I was frustrated with how she would feature real gold leaf that you had to go down some obscure alley in NYC to obtain at a cost that could feed a family for a week while marketing to K-Mart! Really? Instead of creating a cozy home experience for everyone, she was making people feel like they could never live up to her standards.

    I gave away my MS cookbooks long ago because the recipes just never seemed to turn out the way she said they would.

    On the other hand, Dorie Greenspan was delighted to meet 16 members of the French Fridays with Dorie blogging group at the International Food Bloggers Conference in Seattle last month. She loves that we experiment with her recipes and loves the feedback we provide – good & bad. She is the epitome of graciousness.

    There is no limit to the amount of creativity in the world. I learn so much from bloggers and blogging.

    Thank you for a great post.

    • Susan ~ I adore Dorie Greenspan’s style. There is more than enough room in this world for people who have a passion for their craft. King of the Mountain is a game for children, not adults ;)

  8. Brava Karie for calling her out! Thank you for always supporting and promoting those of us who work hard, with the dream that our words and experiences may help someone find the path back to the kitchen. We applaud and adore you!!

  9. Karie, MS began to lose all credibility with me yesterday when I first saw the video article with her comments about goop and Gwyneth Paltrow. I believe MS is frightened by her competition! :) Keep up the great work!

  10. L Walldroff // June 8, 2017 at 6:30 pm // Reply

    I started reading the Martha interview and immediately smiled to myself. I cannot count how many Martha Stewart recipes ( mostly from her magazine, but nonetheless published with the luxury of an editorial staff) I’ve used that have been utter disasters. I think it’s interesting that she takes aim- right off the bat- at the untested recipes of bloggers.

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