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Every Day is a Beer Dinner Day by Ginger Johnson


LC & GJ beer dinner 2015 Photo George RubaloffAbout 14 years ago I met Larry.

It’d be unremarkable except Larry is now My Fine Husband. At the time I met him, I knew very little about beer. What makes the story is that we met at a brew masters dinner, where Larry co-hosted with his colleague, Chris, an assistant kitchen manager at the brewpub where they both worked.

Larry was the professional brewer co-hosting that dinner.

The date was actually one I was on with a different man. A nice enough guy, though not the fit I was looking to date. So I turned my attention from my date to the topic at hand: beer and food together.

As I share in my TED talk, it was as if someone turned on a switch in my brain. I had never thought about beer AND food together, though I grew up with a dinner party throwing family. So the idea of coming together for good times over food and beverage was familiar and attractive to me.

Fast forward from that beer dinner to present. Larry and I have been married for over a dozen years, happily coupled in the ongoing adventure of life with beverage and food. He started teaching me a bit about beer, I shared my enthusiasm with him for Bourbon, and our conversations lengthened and deepened. We eloped a year and a half later.

As a life long avid food shopper, cook and entertainer, Larry’s embraced the wonderfulness simply executed dinner parties offer everyone present: relaxed camaraderie, basic (to fancy) food and beverage, a chance to slow down the world and talk, laugh, exchange ideas and share.

GJTo celebrate that fateful beer dinner, we recently held our own in-home beer dinner, just the two of us. It was the first time we’ve done that and I’m not sure why, since it’s such a huge part of how we came to be together. It was a very fun night, with Larry first procuring the beer he wanted, me building a menu around those beers, and enjoying it all over a few hours of time. No rush, no huge fuss, and just us.

I’d suggest everyone put together their own beer dinners, or wine dinners, or cider brunches, or mead luncheons or whatever….what you serve isn’t the biggest element of import. What is important is that we do so to slow down, relax, take time to savor and really breathe it all in.

We’ll hold our own celebratory beer dinners, just us, again. Perhaps as an anniversary marker of our lives together. It’s worth celebrating our lives and appreciating all the world offers us regularly and giving thanks in this simple humble act. Choose a Tuesday night, Friday morning, or whenever it works for you. Simply make sure you do – slow down, sit around, and really take it all in.


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