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basil & salt magazine is a print publication for the traveling gourmet. It’s filled with recipes, cocktails, travel destinations, chef interviews and home decor trends. We look forward to launching a sister publication in the UK, 2021.

Our corresponding digital issues are beautifully interactive, taking our readers directly to the site of our partners and those we feature in our pages.

Our website is in harmony with the printed page and contains lighter, energizing content designed to complement our hard copy and keep our readers engaged.

We are excited to announce, Seasons to Taste with Basil & Salt Magazine is our dream in progress and hopefully will begin filming in 2021 for Amazon Prime Video. With a subscriber base of over 90 million viewers, the 13 episode, 30 minute series embraces a wide audience, shooting our previous reader base projection (below) in to outer space. Additional information on the series is below.

With a combined social brand footprint of 1.5 million and our print issues growing in the global market daily, our projection for the end of spring of 2021 hard copy readership is well over 60,000. By the fall of 2021 we will break 100k and at the 3-year mark, 300k. We feel our projections are on the low end, as we prepare to roll out the new programs, Farm & Ranch Connect, Martinis & Mocktails podcast and Seasons to Taste, a travel series. We invite you to partner with us at introductory advertising costs.

Download 5 random pages from our September 2020 issue below.


Our readers enjoy a simple, elegant lifestyle. They have disposable income, are entrepreneurs and executives, enjoy family time, traveling, cooking at home and entertaining.

They craft their own cocktails, enjoy wine clubs and this year the backyard oasis is back as intimate home entertaining will be the focus of the summer.

Magazine Print Copy


Circulation includes the print and digital editions of the magazine.
Video and Amazon Prime Video are separate tiers.

Qualified free-run advertisement will run in both editions. All advertising includes social media coordination.

For information on additional fractional units – please contact


Interior Page | Full2000
Half Page | Vert1250
Half Page | Horiz1250
Full | Back Cover2500
Back Cover | Inside2500
Page 2 | 2 Facing Pages3500
Blog Feature125
Product Placement500

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Our dream in progress

Amazon Prime Video, here we come!

13 episodes, 30 minutes each, 94.5 million subscribers

basil & salt is taking a road trip! We are visiting back road destinations around the world and we are bringing our viewers with us.

As we travel around the globe, our destinations take us to places you will not find traveling the tour bus. Toss away the tourist guide as we visit popular destinations and find the hidden gems. We will fish blue waters, visit out of the way distilleries, talk with local music talent, check out local food sources and cook with our new friends.

With a subscriber base of 94.5 million viewers, Amazon Prime Video gives our publication both the advantage and opportunity to be as influential as the  larger, more established publications at a lower price point for our partners in advertising across all our media platforms.

Our first episodes will begin airing on Prime Video the week of May 24th 2021, while simultaneously releasing the series on Hulu, iTunes, Tubi, Pluto, and Vudu. 

Sponsorship opportunities are available, below is a brief outline of what we offer:


• Sponsors retain FULL rights to RE-USE, RE-PURPOSE, RE-EDIT ANY & ALL associated materials, from feature segments to 4K Raw Footage.


• Social Media shout outs live from set, 1 per episode
• Production to provide sponsor with 1 min video clip versions of segment product was featured.  To be promoted on all show social media, plus for sponsor to post too.


• End of show full screen name & logo
• In Show Verbal Mention
• Website Listing and Links on “Sponsors” Page


• Opportunity for On Camera Sponsor Representative/Spokesperson
• Behind the scenes On-Set visit during product feature


• Product(s) featured in the Basil & Salt Shopping Cart

Advertising, sponsorship, and product placement opportunities are available for Amazon Prime Video segments. Please contact for tiered pricing. Download the Amazon Prime Video media file below.

Booked Adventures  ~  Join Us!

  • California
  • South Carolina
  • Arizona
  • Florida
  • New York
  • Louisiana
  • Manchester
  • The South of France
  • Portugal
  • …and more!