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Neighborhood Fruit and Beer; Look Around by Ginger Johnson

Photo by Ginger JohnsonEver walked around a neighborhood, driven down a street, or biked through a park to see a tree dropping ripe fruit on the ground? The local flora and fauna are enjoying it, most likely, and it’s a great way to harvest fruit to can, preserve, freeze and enjoy for yourself as well.

There are many ways to access this fine fruit:

1. Walk and bike your neighborhoods and make notes. If you’re compelled, knock on doors, politely introduce yourself and inquire as to the status of the fruit: will they be picking it? If not, can you harvest it? If so, thank them all the same. It’s a great way to get out and meet your neighbors as well – and we can all benefit from knowing who we live with.

2. Use sites like Neighborhood Fruit (here’s the link) to find fruit trees in your area. What a great way to share the bounty of good health literally in our own back yards.

3. Inquire among friends. Every so often I send out what I can an APB (email to my friends, using Blind Carbon Copy of course!) to ask who has any fruit they don’t want. It’s always productive! You help a friend by sparing them picking up fruit that they may simply throw into the compost and you save money by collecting what’s waiting for a benefactor. Plus think of the saving$!

Photo by Ginger JohnsonBeer is certainly available in your own neighborhood too, though I’ve yet to see it grow on trees. Inquire the same way – ask around. Well run neighborhood pubs, brewpubs, and other establishments that serve and sell beer put roots of their own into the community, waiting to serve you fresh beer as well.

The great thing about August is that many fruits and vegetables are coming ripe. YEA! And the great thing about beer is that it’s made fresh year round.

Support your local fruit tree. Support your local brewer. And then enjoy the fruits of your labors together.

Till the next glass ~

You help a friend by sparing them picking up fruit that they may simply throw into the compost and you save money by collecting what’s waiting for a benefactor. -Ginger

Try This: Saisons and Farmhouse style beers pair very well with ripe fruits. Their wide-ranging flavors and depth encourages remarkable flavor sensations. Exbeeriment at home with a bowlful of fresh fruits and a few beers. It’s better when shared with friends.

Event: Every time you have a chance to get to a framers market, GO! It’s an event unto itself – shopping, socializing, and noticing what’s happening in your area. Some markets are even realizing the benefit of having locally produced beer (and sometimes wine) available to sip at them too. Here’s one guide to finding Farmers Markets.

If you have questions about the beer industry, food pairings, speaking engagements and events, you can find Ginger at or

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