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Scallopsbasil & salt is a print publication filled with recipes, gardening ideas, home improvement projects and family inspired creations with a focus on designing a simpler life.

Our corresponding digital issues are beautifully interactive, taking our readers directly to the site of our partners and those we feature in our pages.

Our website is in harmony with the printed page and contains lighter, energizing content designed to complement our hard copy and keep our readers engaged.

The printed editions of basil & salt are infused with a clean, classic look enhanced by the voices of talented writers and artists.

With a combined brand footprint of 1.5 million and our print and digital issues growing in the global market daily, our projection for the spring of 2021 hard copy readership is well over 60,000. By the fall of 2021 we will break 100k and at the 3-year mark, 300k. We feel our projections are on the low end, as we prepare to roll out the new programs, Farm & Ranch Connect and Martinis & Mocktails. (below) We invite you to partner with us at introductory advertising costs, as we push out our first revised printed edition for the late summer early fall season.

Summertime. Group of friends gathered around a table in the garden. Three beautiful women in their 40s pose for the camera.AUDIENCE
Our readers enjoy a simple, elegant lifestyle. They have disposable income, are entrepreneurs and executives, enjoy family time, traveling, cooking at home and entertaining.

They craft their own cocktails, enjoy wine clubs and this year the backyard oasis is back as intimate home entertaining will be the focus of the summer.





cocktail with kumquat on wooden background

We love our cocktails and we just cannot stay quiet about it.

Martinis & Mocktails will air on blogtalk radio live each Friday with interviews featuring winemakers, brewers, mixologists, music talent and beverage influencers.

We pair our cocktails, mocktails and wine choices with delicious recipes set on the blog and we include chefs from around the world, to chat with co-hosts Chef Jason Palin in the U.K. and Chef Lee Abbott, Santa Barbara.



Basil & salt’s new farm and ranch connect service matches producers and consumers across the country.

Cattle graze in country paddock with sunset background, Australia.

Consumers have new and valid questions both in buying  finished product and starting their own small farms. As our supply line “hiccups”, consumers want to go straight to the source for their products. Unfortunately, the average grocery store customer does not know where to look. We will connect farmer, rancher, and producer to the end user.


Buyers will be able to search online and find producers and their product by category, state, county, and city to find the perfect local farm, ranch, market or stand that most closely matches their needs.

The list will publish directly on the basil & salt site under the Farm & Ranch Connect tab and  will be shared across all platforms and partner sites.

We look forward to these direct connections becoming a lasting trend and we will market this program well. We look forward to connecting and working with both producers and consumers.

Each Monday Farm & Ranch Connect goes live on Blog Talk Radio as we talk to producers and farmers across the country.




Circulation includes the print and digital editions of the magazine.

Qualified free-run advertisement will run in both editions. All advertising includes social media coordination.

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