Hot Grill, Cool Beer

Author:  Ginger Johnson *ssssssss* *pop!* Mmmmmmmm… Grilling is a special treat to me because it’s a very primal act. You get something raw, slap it on the grate over hot coals and cook. It’s simple, rewarding, and very basic. Beer is in ideal partner in grilling pursuits in two ways. One as a food partner. With dozens of styles to match and complement foods, there’s … Continue reading Hot Grill, Cool Beer

Cooking outdoors; Grilled London Broil

The sun is making it’s way back to out warm us and the outdoor decor is making it’s way out of storage.   Grilling season is back in business.  Cleaning the grill is essential to the flavor of your foods and with a few simple tools and a bit of elbow grease you can have that knocked out in 15 minutes or so.  Take a … Continue reading Cooking outdoors; Grilled London Broil