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Vail, Big Beers and Cooking with Beer: Grown-up Slow Cooked Pork and Beans by Ginger Johnson

If you read last week’s beer column, you know we shared a delicious recipe that I made at the Vail, Colorado based Big Beers Belgians & Barleywines Festival. We’ll keep the mouth watering going today! I grew up with lots of green beans, both fresh and canned, yet not a whole lot of the other type of beans. Perhaps we

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All Hail The Beer-soaked Ladyfingers! by Ginger Johnson

Last weekend found me in gorgeous and snowy Vail, Colorado USA for the annual Big Beers Belgians & Barleywines festival. It’s a truly remarkable event, encompassing various educational and flavor oriented activities for guests and attendees. While it was my first time, it was WEB’s second showing, with Diane (our able Colorado Rep) having been present last year. I highly

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Halibut, Cherries and Beer; An Excellent Combination by Ginger Johnson

Beer for the Halibut, I say! And what a terrific medium it is – fresh fish – to showcase beer as complement and ingredient. Since Halibut is a rather hearty white fish it’ll absorb flavors nicely. I’d encourage you to cook down some cherries with a moderate and well balanced brown style beer like Everybody’s Brewing Hoedown Brown. The caramelization

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