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Beverage Cross Pollination at the Craft Beverage Expo by Ginger Johnson

If you attend any sort of professional development, and specifically conferences and trade shows, you’ll want to know about the recent inaugural Craft Beverage Expo (CBE). Founder, visionary, and Executive Director Kellie Shevlin recognized an opportunity, did her research and gathered a team. Leading that team, CBE was a sound success. Planning, executing and pulling off a well produced, smooth,

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Shifting by Ginger Johnson

“We’ve shifted the paradigm.” – Gary Fish, Founder, Deschutes Brewing Gary made this statement in his remarks as the Chair of the Board of Directors of the Brewers Association at the recently commenced Craft Brewers Conference. He’s referencing the fact that the burgeoning small and “craft” beer businesses are creating change, thereby shifting the previous model of what beer is

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Beer Everywhere…And Then Some! by Ginger Johnson

Beer, beer, and more beer. With the explosion of breweries opening in America right now it’s a surprise we aren’t floating down the streets in boats buoyed by the beverage. Beer’s wonderful. It’s flavorful, social, herstorical, elegant, and simple. And…we need to zoom out. Beer is one of the beverages many people around the globe choose after work, for a

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