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Walking Pub Tours by Ginger Johnson

IMG_1967Last weekend found me in gorgeous Bismarck, North Dakota. Don’t be surprised that I used the word gorgeous until you’ve been there. With the full blush of summer upon the city, green grass, verdant leafy trees, and lilacs still blooming, it was a paradise to be within.

One part of my visit there was to talk about beer, beer and food and other entertaining and educational tidbits with a client. It was my second trip to work with them and what a ball it was! Let me tell you about the inaugural Walking Pub Tour we hosted.

McQuade Distributing is into their third generation of family operation. They’ve got a superb crew of people working within the company to give the best service, information, and products they can. I think they succeed very well because everywhere we went, people were happy to see them. That’s a good sign.

Ginger and Shannon

Ginger and Shannon

Shannon, President and very fun all around savvy person, spearheaded the event, with her steady Sam and Justin helping develop the points of taste on the (likely) first ever Walking Pub Tour of Downtown Bismarck. 

With a full afternoon of places and tastes ahead of us, we started at the new-this-year Broadway Grill & Tavern. As it was a sunny warm breezy day in town, we began the fun on the outside patio. I got up on a chair, welcomed everyone and proceeded to talk a bit about the beer we were featuring there, New Belgium Snapshot. With lower ABV and a crisp slightly tart refreshing taste, it was a good starter to the day’s event.

Following a solid launch at Broadway, here are the other places we went:

IMG_1979Wow! What a packed day of fun, walking and good people. We called it a “walking pub tour” on purpose. Too many people equate drinking beer with drunkenness, and I’ll have none of that. The entire day, the whole group of people that came and went, all enjoyed in full control.

Thanks to the fun guests that joined us, the tables of already seated unaware folks that were game to play along, the hosts that gave it a shot, and McQuade’s for making it all happen.  Support your local distributor.

Till the next glass ~

Go Here: Washington Brewers Festival is this weekend! Get to Marymoor Park in Redmond – full details here. I’ll be there too so look for the bright orange Women Enjoying Beer tent. See you then!

Try This: Look for a local tour of pubs and other beer supportive establishments. Whether it’s an actual walking tour or a flight of beer in house, “touring” flavor is a tasty mind opener.

If you have questions about the beer industry, food pairings, speaking engagements and events, you can find Ginger at or


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