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Cate Cooper is a Marin native with Southern roots. She is known in the wine industry as “WineChic” and is a hospitality major with a Culinary Art minor. After closing a Nashville B & B and being bi coastal for a decade, she has recently relocated to Friday Harbor, Washington. Happily exploring writing in the social media realm and beyond these days. You can find her on her page as she shares her love of food, wine and design as well as the other pages she maintains for clients in the food, wine and non profit sector. She is often found encouraging the world to Pay It Forward and leave something of value behind, hoping that her written words will live on long after she is gone..

Jack Chase Wine Columnist

Jack Chase
Wine Columnist

Jack Chase is a Wine Educator and Broker who has recently relocated to Washington. His passion revolves around all things wine and food and he enjoys being able to speak to people and educate them on wine. What started out as a hobby, has grown in to a fun and rewarding career. It is my pleasure to be able to join the Your Home family and I look forward to sharing all things Wine and meeting new friends along the way.   or find me on Facebook at Vine to Table

Follow the link to read all of our Vine Buzz articles


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