“Wine gives a man nothing… it only puts in motion what had been locked up in frost.”  ~Samuel Johnson

harvest pitcher

Harvest Pitcher

A beautiful addition to the holiday dinner table or as a perfect gift for the host or hostess.

We have placed our order for the fall season and quantities are limited. Decorate your holiday table with elegance. This beautiful Harvest Collection Pitcher will also make excellent hostess and Christmas gifts.  

Harvest Pitcher     $65.99   Buy Now  or use or monthly installment plan of 4 monthly payments of $16.95.
The stunning pitcher from the Harvest collection has a unique hand-cut design.

  • made from lead-free crystal glass
  • exclusive hand cut designs
  • made in Europe, Slovakia by skilled masters
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harvest“The Harvest” Collection

The stunning red wine glass from the Harvest collection have unique hand-cut designs. The modern shape of the glass bowl is a perfect synchronization with the traditional design.



$25 Red Wine Glass  Buy Now

$25 White Wine Glass Buy Now  


the-royal-alex-collectionRoyal Alex Collection

Enjoy your royal moment! Inspired by the time of kings, this glass stands out for its timeless shape and gorgeous design portraying the royal crown. The clear crystal stones add an exquisite final touch that elevates the luxurious look and feel.



galaxy-spiral-collectionGalaxy Spiral Collection

Let your senses explore the Universe! This delicately beautiful glasses from the Galaxy Spirals collection features three spirals crossing  each other at six points. The illusion of a galaxy is enhanced with dazzling crystal stones. They are grouped by three on both sides.       




The Marilyn Collection

The visually impressive design of these glasses perfectly combines timeless elegance with functionality. Handcrafted lines with gorgeous crystal stones add an exquisite look and feel to the glass. Masterfully crafted glasses are made from the highest quality lead-free crystal in Europe accessorized with Swarovski crystals.