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From the recording booth of John McEnroe: The Art of Reinventing Yourself. A Basil & Salt “did You Know?”

John McEnroe for Squarespace.

Did you know John McEnroe has gone from tennis legend to voice legend? When you’ve done it all, what could possibly be next?

If you’re old enough to have watched McEnroe play live in his youth, you either love him or you hate him. His passion for outbursts on the court was unmatched, as was his play. The man is a legend.

Fast forward, McEnroe leads in every field with an impressive list of credentials. But it’s not all about what we see on paper, it’s about that spark of creativity, that fiery spirit, which only a few people possess. Stay an extra minute and watch the video below, as McEnroe and Squarespace team up for a bit of fun.

This is about more than just becoming the most recognizable voice in the world. It’s about creating a lifestyle that everyone can be jealous of.

John McEnroe

Accomplishments? Here are just a few…

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