How-to create a Friendship Garden


The sun shone brightly all day.  Its illuminating rays seemed to be crashing into the leaves of the woodland trees. It left you with an almost eerie yet reverent feeling.  The rust and golden and auburn leaves glowed.  The air was cool and crisp as it breezed past my face while I walked to the garden, yet the warmth of the shining sun gave strength to my soul.

As I strolled about the gardens, I was thinking about what will need to be replaced, added and thinned out next spring. Gardening is not for the faint hearted… it’s a job, but when it’s what brings absolute peace to ones life, it’s worth it all.


Another special thing as I walk about is seeing the plants I’ve received from friends and loved ones.


My beautiful bleeding heart from dear friend Grace.


The peonies from Jan.


My primrose from Yalonda… and so many more.


My heart is blessed each time I walk through the gardens and see my friends love through the beauty they shared with me.

Although I don’t have one particular space that’s designated as a friendship garden, I certainly have thought on the idea.

So here’s a how-to on creating a Friendship Garden!
Once you have your location and size decided upon you can start your planning. Be sure to take into consideration the amount of sun/shade the area gets before you plan the plants.

1. Make a list of all the people you’d like to include in your new Friendship Garden.

2. If you know the particular plant you’d like from them, jot that down next to their name.

3. Plan a day that you’d like to have your friends over or a day to pick up the plants at their homes. You might want to offer to help dig up the plants.

4. Create hand written notes or invitations to send out.

5. Send your notes to each friend explaining your new Friendship Garden project and what plant you’d like from their gardens to ‘remember’ them by. They’ll be so tickled they mean that much to you, they’ll probably offer to come help plant your garden!

The time spent in creating a friendship garden is both rewarding and sentimental. You can make this a fun day but turning it into a tea party-plant swap! What fun that would be.

Having fun in the garden,

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  1. Her photos are beautiful and so are her words…I love to read all your writings…And truth be told,I could picture your garden even without the photos…You have such a way with words…

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