Dole Packaged Foods Joins in the 2015 FoodFightWrite! Blogger Summit

2015-Food-Fight-Write-LogoFoodFightWrite! Blogger Summit, the three-day kick-off event for the 2015 World Food Championships, has partnered with Dole Packaged Foods to bring an elite cadre of food bloggers to Kissimmee, Fla., Nov. 2-4.

The invitation-only event is offering food bloggers from across the world an insider’s view of food and cooking innovations sparked by a growing enthusiasm for Food Sport.

Dole Packaged Foods is conducting a hands on session with bloggers, to explore ways to “entertain and impress, without the stress,” with tips on how to quickly prepare a dish or drink that would inspire even the most discerning guest with ease.

Michael Contreras, Sr. Digital Marketing Manager for Dole Packaged Foods, said that the Dole-icious session will encourage bloggers to develop editorial content based on hands-on experience of working with a wide variety of fruit items from the packaged line of Dole products.

“Consumers have lots of choices about how to make food not just taste amazing, but also look like something straight out of a magazine,” he said.  “We’re excited about sharing our tips and tricks for entertaining with the Blogger Summit attendees and show off some easy-to-prepare recipes that anyone could do at home using Dole Packaged Foods.”

World Food Championships CEO Mike McCloud said that Dole Packaged Foods’ contribution to the Blogger Summit will expand the writers experience with food created for entertaining.

Dole“Dole Packaged Foods brings great insight to the Blogger Summit this year,” said McCloud. “The goal of the Summit is to enhance the experience and knowledge of the participants, and we look forward to the tips and tricks Dole Packaged Foods can provide on how to keep up a festive, healthy vibe and inspire guests when entertaining. Their experience in the industry, the kitchen, and with food sports provides excellent perspective.”

About Dole Packaged Foods

Dole Packaged Foods LLC, a subsidiary of Dole International Holdings, is a leader in sourcing, processing, distributing and marketing fruit products and healthy snacks throughout the world.  Dole markets a full line of canned, jarred, cup, frozen and dried fruit products and is an innovator in new forms of packaging and processing fruit and vegetables. For more information please visit

About World Food Championships

The World Food Championships features hundreds of competitors seeking food fame and fortune in Kissimmee, Fla. The fourth annual event, scheduled for Nov 3 – 10, will invite the champions from the biggest and best food competitions around the world into a single high-stakes culinary showdown for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Following a tournament-style format across multiple iconic food categories, the WFC will culminate with a Final Table faceoff where category champions brave potential elimination in front of a live audience and a discerning panel of culinary celebrities.

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