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Welcome to Basil & Salt Magazine

basil & salt is a print publication filled with recipes, gardening ideas, home improvement projects and family inspired creations with a focus on designing a simpler life. We are all about you living your best life. Finding what works for you and your family, and how to creating your ideal living space and home.

What’s inside

  • Decorating concepts
  • Home improvement
  • Travel
  • Gardening
  • Recipes
  • Self-care
  • Beauty
  • Reading
  • Family

Color, texture, fabric and fragrance. These are just a few elements that make a house a home and transform a simple living space into your whole world.

Living a simple life, means living your life in the manner that works best for you and your family. No one method works for everyone. Navigate your own ship with your own style.

What’s next? Join us every Monday morning for Basil’s Coffee Talk and each Friday evening for Martini’s & Mocktail’s on Blog Talk Radio. Links will be posted each week.

….and we are hitting the road! Taking the Back Road with Basil & Salt is a 13 episode, 30 minute series for Amazon Prime Video. We look forward to showing off where we’ve been.

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