Basil’s ROKU Channel

Seize the Premium Spot in Culinary Media: Basil & Salt Magazine proudly announces its dedicated ROKU channel, launching 2024

Unlock culinary brilliance this holiday season with Basil & salt Magazine!

Call to Creators!
We are thrilled to announce an exciting opportunity to showcase your content on a brand-new platform! Basil & Salt Magazine is expanding its horizons and launching a lifestyle network on ROKU, and we want you to be a part of this culinary and creative journey.

Our magazine has always been a tantalizing blend of culinary inspiration, cocktail creativity, and wanderlust-inducing travel ideas. Now, we are taking it a step further by creating a lifestyle network that encompasses all things food, interior design, DIY, travel, cocktails, wine, entertaining, and everything in between. Read More


As we meticulously craft content for holiday festivities and beyond, prepare to be dazzled by the prowess of the Pacific Northwest culinary talent, and the visionary insights of our esteemed founder and publisher, Karie Engels. Read our Call to Creators!

For months, we’ve been weaving magic behind the scenes for “Basil & Salt” on Roku. The moment we secured our channel name, the journey began – crafting the perfect set design, programming, layout, and the vibe we know you’ll love!

Exciting News: Basil & Salt is now open for sponsorships!

Dive in for more details at the link below and get ready to enjoy “Basil & Salt Magazine” on the Roku Channel starting in 2024. Keep those eyes peeled here for exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpses!

And here’s a cherry on top: As we wrap up each season, we’ll journey to Prime Video, presenting the previous season to a new a fresh new audience as the new season unfolds. Dive in and join the magic!

An exclusive opportunity awaits sponsors and advertisers to align with excellence. Be part of this gastronomic odyssey. Spotlight your brand in gourmet grandeur.

Tap into a flourishing audience of over 71.6 million active ROKU users, spanning from the vivacious Gen Z to the influential Baby Boomers. As we gear up to unveil our curated content, we invite esteemed sponsors and advertisers to join this thrilling journey. As we prepare the launch, position your brand on the ground floor amidst the finest in gastronomy. Opportunities this delectable are rare!

Experience a tantalizing blend of culinary inspiration, cocktail creativity, and wanderlust-inducing travel ideas with Basil & Salt Magazine!

Secure your sponsorship and get listed in the 2023 Holiday Entertaining Guide, take a sneak peek below!


• Secure your spot! Sponsorship categories are exclusive. Sponsor an episode, a series of episodes, or even an entire season on Basil & Salt Magazine’s Roku channel. Once you’re on board, your competitors won’t be. Grab this unique opportunity before it’s taken!


• Sponsors retain FULL rights to RE-USE, RE-PURPOSE, RE-EDIT ANY & ALL associated materials, from feature segments to 4K Raw Footage.


• Social Media shout outs live from set, 1 per episode
• Production to provide sponsor with 1 min video clip versions of segment product was featured.  To be promoted on all show social media, plus for sponsor to post too.


• End of show full screen name & logo
• In Show Verbal Mention
• Website Listing and Links on “Sponsors” Page


• Opportunity for On Camera Sponsor Representative/Spokesperson
• Behind the scenes On-Set visit during product feature


• Product(s) featured in the Basil & Salt Shopping Cart

Prime Video

Following each season’s release on our dedicated Roku channel, we will package each season and release it to Prime and other platforms.

With a subscriber base of 94.5 million viewers, Amazon Prime Video gives our publication both the advantage and opportunity to be as influential as the larger, more established publications at a lower price point for our partners in advertising across all our media platforms.

Our first episodes will begin airing on Prime Video in 2024, while simultaneously releasing the series on Hulu, iTunes, Tubi, Pluto, and Vudu. 

2024 Season – Confirmed Filming in February!

Sponsor TypeSeason – 12 Episodes1 Episode2 Episodes4 Episodes6 Episodes
Parent – Title Sponsor48,000
Silver Sponsor30,000
Product Placement6951000950825750
Beverage Sponsor21503000270025002300
Ingredient Sponsor21503000270025002300

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