Spooky Tablescape

I am such a fan of Halloween that I am barely able to contain myself right now.  Thankfully between the blog and the Facebook page I have a creative outlet in which to research, browse, collect and display festive creations to prepare for my annual ghost and goblin soiree.  If not, I would be driving my fam nuts with the decorations placed throughout every nook and cranny in the house already.

I have been busy decorating for autumn with the deeper, richer colors and while that seems to appease me for the time being, I still scour every site and store available for new and creative ideas.

I found this little treasure at Country Living Magazine online.  They have a great site for all season decor and ideas.  Keep in mind that you do not need to copy a scape or vignette in it’s entirety, inspiration can emerge from a piece or two that you see and your imagination can just go wild to make the design all your own.  For more inspiration you can visit them online.

I had purchased the plates that are seen in the photograph with the skulls on them a couple of years ago at Target, and I do remember seeing them there last year as well.  I boogied over to their online site and I did not see the exact ones as in the vignette, however they do have some that you can take a peek at for a bit of  inspiration.    Plates at Target   Just an idea.

If you have ideas you would like to add, please comment and let me know.  You are also welcome to visit my Facebook page and add ideas on the wall as well.

Halloween Tablescape from Country Living Magazine

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