An Idea or Two for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and my sweet three are always fretting about  they didn’t go out and purchase.  Moms are simple, a hug, a kiss and an “I love you”, goes so much further than a trip to the store.   I am not sure why they feel as they do since I have always been very clear with them what it is I really want for my “Special Day”.

As mother’s, we really aren’t that difficult to please.  An occasional “yes mom” instead of “but mmmooooommmmm”  or how about “okay mom, that sounds great” instead of the extremely exaggerated eye roll and whisper under the breath “yeah, great.”  One awesome day of positive responses and I would be good until the next Mothers Day.

It is amazing what brings tears to our eyes.  A hand made card with mom drawn with a Sharpie and words that only the creator can read.  A rose made from tissues, a silhouette of their hands on construction paper.  I don’t believe there are store bought gifts out there that can replace these gifts that moms lovingly placed in memory boxes.

As my children mature, I do understand that to them it is important that they “bring something to the table” so to speak.  I thought I would throw out a couple of suggestions just in case any of you are looking for ideas for your mom or if you are a mom wanting to throw ideas at your children.

Herb Pots ~ It’s a simple idea, great for the kitchen and can be grown indoors or out.  Small flower pots can be customized with paint, a flower, a color or even the chalkboard paint so that your mom (or you) can label your herbs with ease.  The herbs can be purchased as starters or seeds and a few pots, packs of seeds, potting soil, small rake and a pair of gardening gloves can really make an excellent gift basket.

Here is a personal favorite of mine, but I am going to throw it right out here on the blog any way.  Any cookbook from Michael Chiarello.  I have his Bottega and I have to tell you that he completely describes every step of his cuisine without dumbing it down for the reader.  His recipes are excellent, photographs exquisite and the overall tone of the cookbook is quiet, relaxed and detailed.

Most important, give your mom a hug and tell her you love her because really that’s all we need.

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3 thoughts on “An Idea or Two for Mother’s Day

  1. I love this post. It’s so true–one or two days of just being kind to each other and agreeable (okay, subserviently obedient) with me, would completely and totally make me happy. That and maybe my favorite breakfast treat and not having to fix dinner. Wait–now did I start to get too greedy…?

  2. I’d luv to get any of these things for Mother’s Day, Karie…now how do we get this blog in the hands of the right people!! I hope you have a wonderful Mommy’s Day…my boys are all grown and scattered, so let’s hope one, two or three call!! xo Hugs, Ally :)

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