A Place in the Sky

Note: No ingestion of mushrooms or peyote took place during the writing of this article.

Linda Eaves
Linda Eaves

Some time ago I was talking with someone close to me and the conversation descended into a very dreamlike landscape. The concrete lines of reality and fantasy blurred and became soft. As I said in the beginning, there were no ingestion of imagination aiding substances involved. I simply allowed myself permission to dream with the occasional reminder that it was perfectly fine for things not to make sense and that I was still in fact sane.

A couple of deep breaths and a few moments of quiet later, a scene emerged and became clear. I’m on a mountain top looking out of my own eyes with the perspective of a first person video game, There’s a landscape of panorama all around me. Mountains, water, valleys, and buildings in beautiful 3-D splendor. My gaze sweeps back and forth and as I look over it all a peace settles over me from head to toe, inside and out.

It’s beautiful. I delight in being there and never tire of looking at it. I know there are allcol tower kinds of friends, connections, and opportunities wherever I look. This energizes me and buoys my spirits. I knew I needed to find a place like this, a personal retreat.

That vision or dream first came to me in 2010 and it stuck with me. It’s my center and retreat. I knew I needed to be able to access and recreate this somehow in my life. This is how I found myself at the Columbia Tower Club, the perfect urban steel and glass mountain top in the middle of downtown Seattle.

The first time I took the two elevators up, then looked out the 75th floor window I became a human window sticker as I saw the familiar landscape stretched out on all sides. I knew I’d found my place.

As you probably have guessed by now, I joined the club and it’s become my second home. I’ve been a member for a year and counting. You can find me there most weekdays stopping in for coffee or to take in a breakfast meeting before I walk to my office, and then again at lunch to sample the newest offerings that our executive chef has up his sleeve.

I like the views no matter what the weather, and it is my utmost pleasure to host guests for happy hours, or invite you to sample one of our great events with the foods and wine to complete the experience. If you’ve never been there before, reach out to me and I’ll make sure you’re taken care of.

It’s my place in the sky, and I don’t mind sharing it a bit.

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