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Simple networking tip for the anxious or exhausted…

In the last month I’ve been promoting my new business venture. This means an increase in networking activities, making connections, and I’m doing many more expansion type talks with people who are in circles I’m unfamiliar with. Speaking with so many new communities and individuals is enjoyable and fun, however… In the past when I’ve increased my networking (boosting the

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The Sunshine Booster Smoothie

I saw this recipe on the well and good site and thought, “my readers must see this!”  The trifecta of inflammation-fighters in the Sunshine Booster Smoothie include pineapple, turmeric, and ginger. Come April, we’ve never craved sunshine so much. And we’ve just found it in a glass. This spicy-sweet smoothie recipe is layered with dynamic flavors, playing between a Pina Colada and a

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A Message from Linda ~ Food for the Soul with Linda Eaves

This is an introduction I wrote for a local group called Seattle Dream Makers. Simply put, we’re a bunch of people who lead with positive relationships in our personal, social, and business connections. We uplift and edify each other with those connections. I realized the intro goes well here on Food for the Soul too. After all, I can’t begin

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