Simple networking tip for the anxious or exhausted…
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In the last month I’ve been promoting my new business venture. This means an increase in networking activities, making connections, and I’m doing many more expansion type talks with people who are in circles I’m unfamiliar with. Speaking with so many new communities and individuals is enjoyable and fun, however…

In the past when I’ve increased my networking (boosting the signal or shining the light if you will…) I’d find myself at home exhausted and anxious after networking events and conversations. I’d reach for food, a glass of wine, or several to soothe my frayed nerves and get back to feeling like my normal self. This energy depletion confused me so much that I was certain I was an introvert. Yeah, right!

When I took a deeper look at how I connect and build relationships, the phrase “intimate extrovert” came up in my head. So, I’m going with it.

As an intimate extrovert and intuitive – establishing and nurturing these types of connections would take a toll on my energy. Let me tell you how and why it affected me.

To me an intimate extrovert is a person who delights in connecting with people in a deep heartfelt way. Think quality versus quantity. They are spirit filled talent scouts, lit up from within and attracting people who share a call to do great things or – to connect those with wishes and dreams to the people or programs who can make them a reality.

If you identify as an intimate extrovert, here’s a simple and powerful energy conservation tip for you.

When you’re out talking with people, as they ask you questions, be aware of any subtle reactions in your body. This includes all conversations whether it be via social media, email, texts, phone calls or face to face exchanges.

Be mindful of the following as you’re shining and broadcasting your message. Ask yourself:
Is the question landing strangely for me?
Is it uncomfortable in any part of my body, mind, spirit?
If the answer is yes, even if you think you’re being too sensitive or trivial – turn it right back to them and say the following:

“Oh. Why do you ask?”

Instead of using the go to method of sorting through your beautiful data bank of a brain and selecting from the tens of thousands of possibilities on their behalf…
What would it look like if you didn’t try to figure out the answer for them?

Even if you are absolutely certain you know the why behind the ask, direct it back to them. I’ll tell you why…

This is Be-You-Tiful because it does the following:

1) It makes them accountable for the energy they are bringing to the conversation. You meet as two equals and a human to human connection.

2) Conserves brain power and avoids the mental contortions you put yourself through trying to figure out what’s behind the question. *When you find yourself in this situation is it energizing or exhausting? *

3) It’s a fantastic sorting tool and B.S. detector. Based on the response you will quickly know whether or not to continue the conversation or politely move on to a more enriching effortless connection.

4) Last but not least, YOU – my dear lighthouse, will stay grounded, strong, and peaceful. You’ll broadcast your message with a steady effortless signal and well – that’s attractive!

Mindful energy conservation and direction makes it so you continue to attract and connect powerfully and intimately with the people you’re meant to collaborate and do great things with.

This is how to keep these energy exchanges full of enrichment instead of exhaustion.

Try it and let me know how it works for you.

Warmly, Linda

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