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Christmas at Home: My Adventures in Cookie Land by Paul Rest

Christmas officially began right before or after Thanksgiving. I can’t remember exactly when it began. The “it” being my mother’s cookie making marathon which when it started, went right up to a few days before we celebrated Christmas. It started when she would bring all the cookie tins down from the top shelf in the pantry. These would be washed

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Enjoying the holidays: 9 tips for families of children with special needs

Episcopal Center for Children, a Treatment and Special Education Center in DC, Offers Advice The holidays can be fun, but they can add stress to the lives of children with special needs. The Episcopal Center for Children (ECC), a nonprofit organization serving children with special needs ages 5-14 in the greater Washington, DC area, offers the following tips to help. “Children

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7 ways to participate in Giving Tuesday by Andrea Woroch

After a frenzied shopping weekend featuring tons of doorbusters and a few brawls, it’s easy to feel a little disenfranchised with the holidays. This season is supposed to be about giving, and yet slogans like “Thanks-getting” and advertisements featuring starry-eyed kids with endless gifts under the tree convey an entirely separate sentiment. To get back to the true spirit of the

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