Sour Cherry Galette

Rustic and simple, the sour cherries pair perfectly with a sweet dessert wine like Cresta Bella Port. Note: Crushed almonds and vanilla bean ice cream are perfect companions to our tart cherry dessert and Cresta Bella California Port. BASIL & SALT'S SOUR CHERRY GALETTE Ingredients Galette Crust 1 1/4 cups all-purpose flour 1 tablespoon sugar … Continue reading Sour Cherry Galette

Pulled Pork with Sweet Corn ChowChow

Whether you're lighting up the grill or cooking indoors, Dandy's Sweet Corn is the perfect ingredient for the holiday weekend. PULLED PORK WITH SWEET CORN CHOWCHOW Recipe by Chef Todd Fisher Ingredients Pulled Pork 3 lbs. pork shoulder2 springs thyme1 tbsp smoked paprika1 tbsp chili powder1/2 tsp cayenne pepper1 tsp ground fennel1 tsp ground black … Continue reading Pulled Pork with Sweet Corn ChowChow

Chef Adrianne Calvo’s Roasted Tomato + Crispy Cilantro Pico De Gallo

Miami Chef, Adrianne Calvo, uses umami to revamp the upcoming Grilling Season Nothing enhances the beauty of the outdoors during spring and summer and captures the culinary essence of these seasons like a freshly grilled cut of meat, chicken or pork. With the time for backyard barbecues, beach cookouts and lakeside picnics fast approaching, award-winning, … Continue reading Chef Adrianne Calvo’s Roasted Tomato + Crispy Cilantro Pico De Gallo

Classic Beef Kabobs

The three-day weekend is almost here and America's favorite way to cook for Memorial Day is on the backyard grill. Heat up the outdoors instead of the kitchen and create a memorable culinary experience that suits your guests and family's style, taste and love of the grill. The Beef. It's What's For Dinner. brand, managed by the … Continue reading Classic Beef Kabobs

Dainty Petit Fours with Buttercream Fondant

The perfect treat for Mom! Also known as Fondant Fancies or French Fancies, these fancy confections would be served at the end of dinner or with coffee and tea. All the women of Downton Abbey would want to offer this rather beautiful treat with their tea service. As we prepare the menu for Basil & … Continue reading Dainty Petit Fours with Buttercream Fondant

Chef Erwin Mallet’s Raspberry Macarons

May 31 is National Macaroon or Macaron Day, not to be mistaken for a celebration of the French president, and we are preparing to celebrate in the sweetest way possible. Macaron The name is derived from the Italian word macarone, maccarone or maccherone, the meringue.  ~Wikipedia To keep in theme with their part French Mediterranean theme, Villa Azur's Executive Chef Erwin … Continue reading Chef Erwin Mallet’s Raspberry Macarons

tomato and cream cheese tulips

These delightful spring bites are sure to be an instant family favorite. The Hotel Saugatuck in Saugatuck, Michigan, has a special recipe they offer each year to coincide with a nearby tulip festival and they are a perfect appetizer for every spring gathering, especially Mother's Day. The "flowers" only take a few minutes to whip … Continue reading tomato and cream cheese tulips

margherita pizza

Weekend perfect, you can make the dough ahead of time or pick up fresh-made dough from your local deli. Have your hungry crew top their own pie with their favorite flavors. Late summer shows off Mother Nature's best work of art. Leaves become restless in anticipation of the fall dance, gourd foliage is in full … Continue reading margherita pizza

Alaska Cod Tostadas

Simple and delicious, this recipe serves 8 and can be prepped, cooked and on the table in 25 minutes. After a busy day of work and errands, it's not always easy to wait to get home to eat a healthy home cooked meal. It's tempting to slide into a drive through line or pull up … Continue reading Alaska Cod Tostadas