Sour Cherry Galette

Rustic and simple, the sour cherries pair perfectly with a sweet dessert wine like Cresta Bella Port. Note: Crushed almonds and vanilla bean ice cream are perfect companions to our tart cherry dessert and Cresta Bella California Port. BASIL & SALT'S SOUR CHERRY GALETTE Ingredients Galette Crust 1 1/4 cups all-purpose flour 1 tablespoon sugar … Continue reading Sour Cherry Galette

Dainty Petit Fours with Buttercream Fondant

The perfect treat for Mom! Also known as Fondant Fancies or French Fancies, these fancy confections would be served at the end of dinner or with coffee and tea. All the women of Downton Abbey would want to offer this rather beautiful treat with their tea service. As we prepare the menu for Basil & … Continue reading Dainty Petit Fours with Buttercream Fondant

Basil & Salt’s Malted Chocolate Milkshake

A recipe and a contest! Nearly everyone has their own go-to milkshake recipe and we would love to hear from you! This summer, Basil & Salt Magazine would like to share your favorite milkshake recipe! We will choose three out of all the entries, and showcase your milkshake photo, you, and your recipe! We have … Continue reading Basil & Salt’s Malted Chocolate Milkshake

Let’s make an Eton mess

Spring desserts are on our radar and we are ready for berry season. So let's make an Eton mess! This traditional English dessert is so simple and can be customized in various ways to fit all the favor profiles in attendance at your backyard summer gatherings. Note: Tossing a few blueberries in the mix will … Continue reading Let’s make an Eton mess

angel food strawberry shortcake

Dreaming of warm weather? We have the perfect cake for you. The best part of summer is picking fresh berries and using them in culinary creations or simply eating them fresh off the vine. While strawberries are readily available at your local grocer, picking them up at a farmers' market or simply picking them yourself, … Continue reading angel food strawberry shortcake

Gaea’s Olive Oil Cake

Zesty and fresh, this olive oil cake will have friends and family asking for more. The holidays are well behind us, and we are moving on to lighter, fresher flavors. Orange liqueur and fresh orange juice give this recipe the citrus zing we crave as we move deeper into winter months. What makes Gaea Premium … Continue reading Gaea’s Olive Oil Cake

Chocolate, bubbly, strawberries and mousse

Art de Fete's decadent recipes for a night of romance The history of Valentine's Day is obscure, and further clouded by various fanciful legends. The holiday's roots are in the ancient Roman festival of Lupercalia, a fertility celebration commemorated annually on February 15. Pope Gelasius I recast this pagan festival as a Christian feast day circa 496, declaring … Continue reading Chocolate, bubbly, strawberries and mousse

how to make the perfect lemon curd

Lemon curd is a basic custard, meaning it's thickened by eggs. Although many curd recipes call for just yolks, I prefer to use a combination of whole eggs and yolks to add a bit of lightness. ~Claire Saffitz In late spring we are holding our first annual Family Lavender and Blueberry Tea. As I plan … Continue reading how to make the perfect lemon curd

Peppermint Bars by McCormick

When time is short and you need a quick and whimsical holiday dessert, semi-homemade is perfect. McCormick is one of the most trusted names in the food industry and we couldn't wait to share their extravagant fudgy brownie with a peppermint filling and rich chocolate glaze. PEPPERMINT BARS Serves 36 INGREDIENTS Brownie 1 package (family-size) … Continue reading Peppermint Bars by McCormick

Francois Payard’s Chocolate Pecan Tart

A decadent twist on the pecan pie will be an instant hit this holiday season. The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is "dessert table" baking day and the aroma wafting through the kitchen is intoxicating. Pies, small decorative cookies, and cakes are dessert menu staples, and this year Pecan Pie with a twist is new on the … Continue reading Francois Payard’s Chocolate Pecan Tart