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This is an introduction I wrote for a local group called Seattle Dream Makers. Simply put, we’re a bunch of people who lead with positive relationships in our personal, social, and business connections. We uplift and edify each other with those connections.

I realized the intro goes well here on Food for the Soul too. After all, I can’t begin to count how many epic business ideas and ventures came into this world within the walls of a coffee shop, a happy hour, or during the solitude of enjoying one’s own personal picnic lunch and taking advantage of the creativity emerging during that special time. Food nourishes us on so many levels doesn’t it?


One of my dreams was to be a City Girl and live right smack dab in the middle of things. In April 2012 this dream came true. Now I live on First Hill and love every minute. Am so happy I kind of annoy myself. But it wasn’t always this way.

Linda Eaves
Linda Eaves

It was a scary move. The house where I lived was great. I liked it well enough, but something was off. I was with a wonderful guy – a country and wide open spaces kind of fella who hates being boxed in. We even had a basset hound named Cordelia named after the character from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Now you know my geeky side.

With all that I still had the craving for the city. So much that I could taste, hear, and smell it. But how do you start that conversation and not hurt the person you love? To say I was conflicted was an understatement. I didn’t want to leave him; yet I needed to follow the call of my passion and listen to my dream. Having ‘the talk’ together that night was difficult. What got us through was being 100% honest with each other.

Things turned out well, we’re still together and designing our life on our terms. There are no mistakes, I was (and am) grateful for our time in that house and wouldn’t change a thing.

In pursuing my city dream, I got to have the pleasure of meeting people like Lori, Sadee, and Tracy – phenomenal women all through Chick Chat’s events, and now we’re onto Dream Makers!! Wonderful experiences and this is just the beginning. I feel fortunate to be part of the Seattle Dream Makers.

So many dreams coming true, and I’m accepting and recognizing how my dreams are showing up in unexpected ways. Like the opportunity to write for Mode Magazine and getting to know and learn from that amazing group of people. Those things weren’t specifically written in the plan or put on my vision board, yet here they are.

Finally, let me tie this in to Dream Makers.
What does Dream Makers mean to me, and ultimately – to you? Here’s why I want to be with you all.  I’m always evolving, but the theme remains the same. Connection. I like to be of service through connection and uplifting entrepreneurs by spreading their message. I’m here to find out what you’re up to, perhaps to collaborate with you, or introduce you to someone who can assist in making your dream come true. I love the zing of hooking you up with people, places, and experiences you desire. There’s nothing better than when people play well together. The world continues to be a great place and things get done.

If you’ve read this far – thank you. Your time and attention is valuable and I appreciate you taking a pause in your day just to get to know me. If we haven’t yet met, I hope to soon. ~ Linda

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