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Banister Garden at The Garden Gate Farm

Are you hoping for a new garden but just can’t decide on what you want?
Are you dreamily paging through garden magazines and seed catalogs with a notepad jotting down ideas for that next special garden room?

My front porch and garden
Can you ever have too many gardens?
I think not!

My days of winter will be filled with these types of dreams as I stroll in my mind’s eye imagining the promises of the coming spring and all the joy she’ll bring me.

Apple Blossoms

The luscious feeling of the fresh grass under my bare feet…
The scent of apple blossoms wafting across the breeze while I decorate my patio…
The first blooms of snow drops and all too soon my beloved tulips and daffodils…

Gardening… it’s what keeps my soul alive.

Peonies in the side garden

Garden themes abound by the dozens so I thought I’d take the next few days and give you some fun ideas. If you live in an area where gardening year round is possible then you can get right at any one of these ideas. For folks like me where the weathers not friendly in the winter months, we can at least start dreaming and planning.

I suggest you create a garden journal to jot down your garden themes and dreams as well as add photos you find in magazines. Pre-planning your gardens on paper will help you decide on location, the amount of space you’ll need along with the quantity and variety of plants required to have proper fill effect. There will be plants you can start from seed, some you might have that you can split off or get from friends and others you can acquire from your local nursery. You can always tweak things once you get started, but having your ideas visually available will help in the long run.

For garden journal how-to go to

The Potager

Here are a few Garden Themes with some suggestions for plants… choose one or all.

*Butterfly Garden~ Purple Cornflowers, Butterfly Bush, Bee Balm, Shasta Daisy, Primrose, any kind of Phlox, Petunias, Cosmos, and single Marigolds.

*Hummingbird Garden~ Trumpet Vine, Wisteria bushes, Morning Glory, Lilac, Bee Balm, Hyssop, Petunias, Lavender, Salvia. Any flower with a tubular flower will be much appreciated by our beautiful feathered friends!

*Bee Garden~ Hyssop, Bee Balm, Lavender, all of the Thymus, any mints, Lemon Balm, Roses, Geraniums.

White Bleeding Heart

Moon Garden~  I saw this idea in a gardening magazine several years ago and thought it’d be a neat idea. I had no idea how amazing it would be! In the blackest of nights the garden simply glowed with life and the night insects it attracted was in itself so awesome! Using all white flowers didn’t seem that appealing to me at first, I prefer pink and purple with a splash of orange and yellow to add interest. But the white against the black night is simply stunning. As the moonlight reflects off the flower petals it makes a spectacular silvery light that is breath-taking.  Here are some flowers to include as well as some night-blooming ones!

White shrub rose in potager

*Silver Sage, Carnation, Angels Trumpet, Lambs Ear, Silver Tansy, Yarrow, Silver King & Queen Artemisia, Clary Sage, Horehound, Grey Santolina, White Petunia’s, White Cosmos, Mums, Tulips, Daffodils, Snow Drops and Hyacinths. If you have an arbor plant Sweet Autumn Clematis~ what a show stopper.

*Night Bloomers include Nicotiana, Stock, Roses, Veronica, Impatiens, Alyssum, Azalea and Jasmine.

Stay tuned next time for more garden theme ideas!
Happy Day,

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